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  1. I attached a screenshot where you can see how the current version does look like. That looks great, thanks for the screenshot. Really do need to post news more often. ..Al There was an update for the Plug-In. But formatting still is incorrect. Before the update, the list just wasn´t showed. But now there are strange characters, but the list still isn´t shown as a list:
  2. I just bought an Atari Touch Tablet with AtariArtist at eBay Germany. Now I nearly got my "original" stuff together again. Just missing the 1020 and the BlackBox.
  3. What makes you believe that? I would tell the Altair or the Apple the first home pc.
  4. I don´t understand much of your technical notes, but that tune sounds great. Just copied it to a Floppy Disk to make sure it really is Pokey-Sound. It is. :-)
  5. All I could say is already said. So: Don´t stop developing. You showed Tempest Xtreem, and now I want to have it. No. I HAVE TO have it. Keep up your great work! Both thumbs up :thumbsup:
  6. I attached a screenshot where you can see how the current version does look like.
  7. Yes, very nice. Just installed it at. Runs perfect with WP 2.6.3 (German Edition).
  8. Finishing the game (L18) with only 334 points would be even harder than getting more than 20000 points. But your point is the reason, why I ask for a patch. Next time I will record a session on video, so nobody can doubt me. Until then just try to beat my lower score:
  9. Thank you for that. But I need another fix now, because I made 20334 points. No joke! This is what it looks like: And that what was far beyond from being a "perfect" play, I´m sure I can get even more points. Played on an original, unmodified Atari 800 XL (PAL). Greetings from Germany, Sascha
  10. You need to set the config tool load option to your preference. By default it should only load when there is no SD card in the slot. Options are: cfg tool load (when to override D1 to load configuration program) never startup+shift - only when SHIFT was pressed during startup (power on) every startup no card - only if SD card is not inserted (default setting) shift pressed - SHIFT always cause D1 override (tested on every SIO 'S' command on D1 - available from version 2.2) Now I know what you mean. But it still doesn´t work. I only get a purple screen with a small "k" at the top left corner and the cursor is two chars right of it and I can´t do anything.
  11. Sorry about the missing "l" (html). Presumably you've found the file by now with Mathy's good suggestion. -Larry Yes, I´ve found the file, but didnt´t need it. I already have V2.4. But I don´t know how to access the SIO2SD from the Atari like it is shown at the screenshot. I only know how to control with the 5 keys.
  12. Can't you do that on the latest version of SIO2SD using an XEX file? Interesting. Can someone explain me how? Check this link: http://sio2sd.gucio.pl/index_en.htm The "l" is missing: http://sio2sd.gucio.pl/index_en.html I can´t find such a file there. Where is it? That´s e-x-a-c-t-l-y what I´m looking for, but I can´t find it. :-(
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