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  1. ehh, free publicity for Rockstar... Im pretty sure they are going for the bad ass immage... so this should only help them.
  2. Im interested in Panzar Dragoon... apparently Im to late?
  3. thanks for the link, I wish I would have known about this when Amazon had Panzar Dragoon for 15$!
  4. Im suprised so few on this board got the game... it is excellent... and there are a lot of Xbox fans on this site. If you have an Xbox, this is a must have game. I would put it on par with Halo.
  5. I have played a friends copy... needless to say, mine is in the mail. It is a amazing game... even the single player story is great. Have you gotten a chance to use the plane where you can be the tail gunner?
  6. Overkill. I just turn it off. However, I have my PS2 plugged into a surge protector just in case of lightning strike or something else catastrophic. I surge protector wont do you a bit of good in the event that the circuit your PS2 (or just about any other device) is on gets struck by lightning. The only true protection that you could get is an isolation power supply.
  7. I played this game on the latest demo disk, I really didn’t care for it. I love the graphics, but the game was extremely geared towards children. Like the weapons I had a chance to use where a squirt gun and fists. The camera was really frustrating too.
  8. Does any one know where I can get a driver for the X-box controller-"pc edition" that alows for the use of the shoulder buttons? thanks.
  9. Exactly the same for me. I have had it in my hands all the way up to the checkout counter... but then saw something else! With all of your guys's praise, maybe I should just go ahead and buy it already. I used to love the other games on Saturn.
  10. liquid_sky, why did you call him electric troy? Did I miss something?
  11. Damn, if you woulda been a bit earlier... I would have got it from you... sorry.
  12. Never mind, I went with the kit that starscream posted... very cool idea.
  13. Thats cool, I would like to do that. How do you know what wires to solder together?
  14. Interesting, would you care to explain a bit more please?
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