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  1. Good to see that there is progress! I'm still interested! 😀
  2. Hi Garry, for 1. I'm afraid I cannot support. For 2. I'm open to any Atari related listing and it doesn't require to be german language! Of course it's easier for me to do small corrections in english or german listings. Unfortunately I don't have much free time, so updates take a while...
  3. Hi Garry, the general version of the book is available on Archive.org ( https://archive.org/details/AdventuresUndWieManSieProgrammiert ). It's not the Atari version,but maybe it's helpful...
  4. Hi Allan, I recently played around with "The Hunter" and I found a typo in line 1300. It should be "FOR I=0 TO 15" and not "FOR I=0 TO 7". Small typo but big difference in appearance The_Hunter_corrected.zip
  5. German version of the book is called "Spiele für Ihren Atari" if I recall correctly. Some listings of it can be found on my AtariBasicListings page http://ataribasiclistings.mygamesonline.org/ Would be great to have all listings available in the near future...
  6. Sure, here you go ATMAS-II Manual (german) (word doc).zip
  7. Funny, i did similar some month ago and put pdf of german version also online: http://mrbacardi.000space.com/tools/ATMAS-II_manual_german.pdf In case someone is interested in the Word Doc, just let me know...
  8. Great news! I just copied previous version to my AtariMax cart a couple of days ago. Thanks for the update!
  9. Looks very much like the "speed initializer 3 ultra speed" menu from the screenshot...
  10. I don't know the original C16 game, but the Atari version looks and plays great! Thanks so much Jon!
  11. Not sure if this is what you need, but you can check out "Ghost Editor" for example (http://mrbacardi.000space.com/tools/Ghost_Editor_V1.2.zip). Examples of text with music can be found here: http://atariage.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=27999
  12. Mine arrived yesterday. Top quality production and great service! Thanks Larek!
  13. Welcome! Good to hear that Google translate is doing a useful job...
  14. Found the german manual on my hard disk (see attached...) Benji-Soft_Soundmonitor_v1.9_(Anleitung).pdf
  15. I recently came across a german version of APX title "Domination" by Alan M. Newman called "Herr der Länder". It looks like it was sold in the early Atari years (1981/1982) in Germany (maybe via Atari Club Deutschland?) and I'm wondering if there's a web site that lists all the german conversions? Here's a picture of the box. It came together with german manual on photocopied A4 paper... Around 1983 Atari Deutschland started to publish german programs under the label "UserSoft" (similar to APX in US). Any further info on the "UserSoft" titles is much appreciated!
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