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  1. I know the score sucks, but hey, I reached level 2 at least!
  2. Not sure if this has been published already elsewhere here, but a quick search didn't bring up DoubleDos by Arndt Bär, the same guy who wrote Track Copier for Turbo 1050... DBLDOS.XEX
  3. Hurray! I managed to fix also 2nd bug! Please see below correct end screen and new ATR file - enjoy! Major_Bronx_bug_fixed_version.zip
  4. At least first bug is fixed now!
  5. I was playing around with polish game "Major Bronx" lately, which is actually not a bad game, once you understand how to play it. But it seems to have 2 major bugs! 1.) Level Count: looks like the game has only 25 levels instead of 27 which is suggested when reading the level count ("Poziom"). Somehow the game skips to correcty display Level 9 & Level 19... 2.) Once you finish the game there is a wired looking end screen! When checking the original disk there is some text that should be displayed when you have completed the game, but for some reason text is missing in end screen! Btw, there seems to be a build-in cheat mode left in the game, but I have no clue how to enable it... There is a nice walkthrough video in Retromania's Youtube channel for those who want to have a look: What are the chances to get the game fixed?
  6. Thanks for pointing out! It's corrected now for http://mrbacardi.000space.com/
  7. Thanks Jacques for posting cas file but unfortunately trying on real tape seems is also not successful... Loading screen is shown and tape continues loading, but is not starting. Will try again... @Baktra: Thanks for pointing out possible issues with copy program! What copier do you recommend for doing this job? So far I only used "normal" tape to disk copier like "C-D-T Copierer v1.0 by A.Fuchs" or "Copy C/D 54K by M.Thiel" I had successful transfer to real tape with Homesoft's version of "Monty on the run", btw. But this version shows loading screen only after complete game has been loaded into memory...
  8. Was there ever an official tape release made be available? I'm trying to play the game on the real hardware (PAL 800XL and 1010) and copied the xex file to tape, using different boot tape loaders, but all attempts are failing! Like Charlie Chaplin I'm facing the issue that the game crahes after the title screen has loaded and then trying to continue loading. The strange thing is that the cas image on PC is running fine, but the same image on real hw is failing!
  9. Meanwhile I received some cart shells from Sikor and I want to share some pictures... Great quality! new cart & original XE cart new cart with XEGS Repro PCB by WillySoft new cart with original Atari XE Super Cart PCB
  10. Good to see that there is progress! I'm still interested! 😀
  11. Hi Garry, for 1. I'm afraid I cannot support. For 2. I'm open to any Atari related listing and it doesn't require to be german language! Of course it's easier for me to do small corrections in english or german listings. Unfortunately I don't have much free time, so updates take a while...
  12. Hi Garry, the general version of the book is available on Archive.org ( https://archive.org/details/AdventuresUndWieManSieProgrammiert ). It's not the Atari version,but maybe it's helpful...
  13. Hi Allan, I recently played around with "The Hunter" and I found a typo in line 1300. It should be "FOR I=0 TO 15" and not "FOR I=0 TO 7". Small typo but big difference in appearance The_Hunter_corrected.zip
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