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  1. Thanks Jacques for posting cas file but unfortunately trying on real tape seems is also not successful... :( Loading screen is shown and tape continues loading, but is not starting. Will try again...


    @Baktra: Thanks for pointing out possible issues with copy program! What copier do you recommend for doing this job?

    So far I only used "normal" tape to disk copier like "C-D-T Copierer v1.0 by A.Fuchs" or "Copy C/D 54K by M.Thiel"


    I had successful transfer to real tape with Homesoft's version of "Monty on the run", btw. But this version shows loading screen only after complete game has been loaded into memory...

  2. Was there ever an official tape release made be available?

    I'm trying to play the game on the real hardware (PAL 800XL and 1010) and copied the xex file to tape, using different boot tape loaders, but all attempts are failing! :(

    Like Charlie Chaplin I'm facing the issue that the game crahes after the title screen has loaded and then trying to continue loading.

    The strange thing is that the cas image on PC is running fine, but the same image on real hw is failing!

  3. On 8/18/2015 at 5:53 PM, Allan said:

    I'm struggling finding the bugs in The Hunter. If somebody wants to give a go at trying to find the bugs that would be a great help. I started in on Halls of Death and have typed in about five pages out of the fifteen. This is a long one. I also noticed that Mad Bomber is corrupted. I think this happened when my IDEPlus card became corrupted. I have it on an old floppy. Hopefully I can find it again and replace it. Here's the latest copy.




    Adventures_With_The_Atari_Disk_1.atr 130.02 kB · 82 downloads

    Adventures_With_The_Atari_Disk_2.atr 130.02 kB · 81 downloads

    Hi Allan,

    I recently played around with "The Hunter" and I found a typo in line 1300. It should be "FOR I=0 TO 15" and not "FOR I=0 TO 7".

    Small typo but big difference in appearance ;)





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  4. I recently came across a german version of APX title "Domination" by Alan M. Newman called "Herr der Länder".

    It looks like it was sold in the early Atari years (1981/1982) in Germany (maybe via Atari Club Deutschland?) and I'm wondering if there's a web site that lists all the german conversions?


    Here's a picture of the box. It came together with german manual on photocopied A4 paper...


    Around 1983 Atari Deutschland started to publish german programs under the label "UserSoft" (similar to APX in US). Any further info on the "UserSoft" titles is much appreciated! ;)


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