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  1. Not sure if this is what you need, but you can check out "Ghost Editor" for example (http://mrbacardi.000space.com/tools/Ghost_Editor_V1.2.zip). Examples of text with music can be found here: http://atariage.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=27999
  2. Mine arrived yesterday. Top quality production and great service! Thanks Larek!
  3. Welcome! Good to hear that Google translate is doing a useful job...
  4. Found the german manual on my hard disk (see attached...) Benji-Soft_Soundmonitor_v1.9_(Anleitung).pdf
  5. I recently came across a german version of APX title "Domination" by Alan M. Newman called "Herr der Länder". It looks like it was sold in the early Atari years (1981/1982) in Germany (maybe via Atari Club Deutschland?) and I'm wondering if there's a web site that lists all the german conversions? Here's a picture of the box. It came together with german manual on photocopied A4 paper... Around 1983 Atari Deutschland started to publish german programs under the label "UserSoft" (similar to APX in US). Any further info on the "UserSoft" titles is much appreciated!
  6. Would be also interested in one assembled device.
  7. Hi Fred, congrats on creating your first was files! Your help on the AtariWiki is much appreciated! Funny coincidence that German version was uploaded just a few days before
  8. Hi, check the attachment. Is this what you're looking for? Program itself is normal Autorun.sys... Cheers Eprom Burner 2.0 (by Ralf David) - atr.zip
  9. If it's not too late, I would be interested in 1 fully assembled unit too!
  10. Many old Basic Programs can be found here: http://ataribasiclistings.mygamesonline.org/ You can find mainly stuff from German type-in magazines but source code/comments are often in english...
  11. There was also DOS 3 compatible Mini-DOS, published in german Chip Special magazine.
  12. Right, Drelbs and Electricians are working when changing mode! I always forget to change my default setting when trying other versions where I know that game is working on PAL XL machine... Good to see that you're working on Atari Smash Hits - hope part 2 to 7 are following!
  13. Thanks a lot for sharing! I didn't checked all yet, but I have problems to load "Drelbs" & "Electricians" under Altirra 2.70. Both get stuck at loading screen
  14. Yes, please share! Would love to see the "Atari smash hits" series from English Software with the original boot menu or some of the ECA Disks with original ECA intro!
  15. Many Basic listings from german print publications can be found here: http://ataribasiclistings.mygamesonline.org/
  16. Thanks Allan! Download is now also available from my site - in case there is any update of the ATR, please let me know. BR, - Mr.B. -
  17. Hi Allan, nice idea of jointly typing in the listings! I set up a webpage, for such kind of things a few weeks ago, but right now only german programs are available. Do you mind if I add your atr to my site? It's called http://ataribasiclistings.mygamesonline.org/ Cheers, - Mr.B. -
  18. I recently discovered that Altirra supports reading wav files, which works really fantastic! But somehow writing back to cas files seems not to work. I created a new cas file with Atari800WinPL and tried to write some files to it (using Altirra). I didn't get any error and any everything seems to be o.k., but file size of cas file did not increase end it's still empty! Is there something I missed or is it a bug in Altirra 2.50?
  19. It's been a while since the last post and I really would like to know if some of the great work will be made available soon. Nearly all of my Activision labels look terrible, so I'm desperately looking for new ones! Please!
  20. Hi Russg, HDI is a german HD disk interface for HD 3,5" & 5,25" floppies. density is 256bytes/sector. I will try your RW13, but need to set up my real hw first...
  21. Thanks all for the interesting feedback! Mydos seems to have some powerfull options, but what I'm looking for is something similar to "US Copy" by E.Reuss. Means: can be run from a gamedos, fast loading time, support of extra RAM and easy to use (just set destination drive and start copy). In my case it should work with my HDI connected to a 3,5" HD floppy drive...
  22. Need to look at the toolkit.atr but I'm not a fan of spartaDos, therefore normal mydos format is the preferred choice. (double density. 1or 2 drives doesn't matter).
  23. Hi, is there a decent sector copy program available that can handle 1.44MB disks? Cheers, -Mr.Bacardi-
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