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  1. hi. Yes it was hacked again some time ago. Many html pages were modified, so I decided to take them offline. I need to check & clean the pages before putting them online again. But quite lazy these days, sorry
  2. Anyone know why the following text is not displayed when booting the original disc/atr? (see sectors 198,199,...) "Now loading Arkanoid © 1987 Imagine Software, © 1987 Taito The era and time of this story are unknown. After the Mothership Arkanoid was destroyed a spacecraft'Vaus' scrambled away from it only to be trapped in space warped by someone You must take control of the Vaus and battle your way through the 32 levels to confront the Dimension Changer! Game Coding by Mike Hutchinson Also available Green Beret" Does it mean the game was "unfinished" and released in a rush?
  3. Still shocked from the sad news I just read a few minutes ago. Rest in peace Raster, we will miss you!
  4. You have to request to do a site review here (link for your site): You have to request to do a site review here (link for your site): http://www.stopbadware.org/home/review/0202bc193d33d84e0eaa66fe31d1274b I triggered a site review - let's see when it will be back to normal again... Thanks, - Mr.B -
  5. Same here, not looking good..... I also noted this lately! Need to get in touch with "000space.com" to see what's going on. Any help/support on this appreciated BR, - Mr.B. - Hi Matthias, thanks for your help. I restored original index file, but I still get the warning page... Does it take a while untill the change is recognized? Gruß, Stephan
  6. Same here, not looking good..... I also noted this lately! Need to get in touch with "000space.com" to see what's going on. Any help/support on this appreciated BR, - Mr.B. -
  7. Please note that "Domain Software" is only part of http://mrbacardi.atari.org
  8. Such thing is possible with HW floppy emulators, which are still not available yet by my knowledge. However, with my tool, Floppy Image Runner, you may run a lot of floppy images (read: many games) from hard disk, so from ULTRA Satan too. http://ppera.07x.net/atari/imgrun.php Fantastic, this is exactly what I need - thank you!
  9. Will it be possible to boot ST disk-images from this device?
  10. Have a look at SynStock and other business sw from Synapse here: http://idiology.com/8b/bacardi/Synapse/Syn...e_business.html
  11. Have a look at my web page (see tools section) Cheers, - Mr.B. -
  12. Greetinx to all my friends and former contacts - especially John E. & Spite Ripsoft (both A.U.R.A), Spider Man & B.K. (S.S.M.B.) I also remember some crackers from the Dutch scene like High Tech Team and "Steve Zipp" (was he from Netherlands ?) - they also did nice intros "Lord of Darkness" did also some very nice intros !
  13. Quite simple graphics but mucho fun to watch is "Running Cow" demo ! See http://atari.fandal.cz/download.php?files_id=805
  14. That's a very good question ! I just started to convert "programmieren leicht gemacht" by Atari Deutschland which has also a voice track. (btw, is it the german version of "Invitation to programming" ?). I already converted left voice channel to mp3, but as spoken voice is synchronized to the Atari program I don't know what to do exactly... Do you have to play Winamp parallel to Atari800Win ? Is this the only way ? I got pretty good results with sampling right channel to 8 bit 44,1 khz . But it seems some games also require to turn fast SIO off in emulator to load correctly :-(
  15. Great work Fandal ! Looking forward to a file version of Midi-Maze - hope it will appear soon on your site... - Mr.B. -
  16. Game looks great ! :-) Can someone of the polish users give some information about the game. Was it intended to be released by Mirage ? Did Michal finished the game in 2007 or is it complete prototype ? Seems that it was started in 1993, right ?
  17. What about trying this link: http://freenet-homepage.de/mrbacardi/tools.html
  18. What's the story behind Boulder Dash III ? Does it exist on other systems ? Was this version III cancled by First Star SW ? @Atarimania : Any info on this topic ?
  19. Yes guys, you're right - the hidden game is great ! :-) Here's the proof ! Seem's to be a Sokoban clone Sorry, for poor picture quality. Pics were taken directly from TV with mobile phone...
  20. I already tried to convert it but it failed :-( I think the problem is the audio track is used for music...
  21. Hi Heaven, what about sending your sources to the Atari XL/XE Source Archive ? http://sources.pigwa.net/?page=0 That's the right place for cool demos/intros !
  22. Yep, John E. & Spite are still living in the Manchester area ... @John E. & Spite : still reading this forum from time to time ?
  23. Hi ! While trying to sort my atr chaos on my pc I came across a "teenage mutant hero turtle" demo, made by some guys in Peru (?!) The demo looks pretty cool and seems to be the intro of the game with the same name (sorry, I don't have a screenshot right now). My question: Is this only a demo or was it part of a project to port the game to Atari XL ? The original game itself is available on Atari ST and Nintendo (as far as I can remember...) Maybe someone from South America has mor info about this Greetz, - Mr.Bacardi -
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