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  1. Hi ! I just want to remind you that the annual ABBUC J.H.V. is held on this Saturday. Location is in Herten (Buergerhaus Sued) in Germany. J.H.V. starts at 11:00 am. For more information visit www.abbuc.de Hope to see you there ... -Mr.Bacardi -
  2. Sorry ! Previous posting went to the wrong thread Should be in "Looking for Atari 800 XL XE BASIC Games"...
  3. Try this link for type in listings from german magazines http://tronic-verlag.freeservers.com/ BR, - Mr.B. -
  4. Try this link for type in listings from german magazines http://tronic-verlag.freeservers.com/ BR, - Mr.B. -
  5. Hi Voy, my 2 MB XL is still working great ! Greetings to you and your brother ! - Mr.B. -
  6. @ Atari Frog: Hey,I'm a hacker - what do you expect ? But if that makes you happy and boosts your ego: Am I allowed to use your great scans ? Btw, am I also allowed to use your de-protected copy of Mindwheel also for my page ? (let's see how long it will take you to release it ...) @ Heaven: Danke, dass hier wenigstens einer den Durchblick hat - Mr.Bacardi -
  7. Hi Atari Frog, I don't want to start a discussion here, but : 1) I did state that I use some scans from your site (see news from 24-April-04) 2) Isn't it lame to use my cracks and delete my intro-text ? So, let's stop the discussion here , o.k ? - Mr.Bacardi -
  8. Okay, Synapse archive is online now ! Now, you can play Brimstone and Essex
  9. As far as I remember, the game is still pass-word protected, so can't play it anyway But to start the game you have to insert "disk 1" in drive 1 and "disk 3" (should be disk 2, side a) into drive 2 , then boot / start the emulator. Hope, this helps...
  10. Thanks, for the links. I thought of contacting Steve Hales already as a last chance But I'm affraid that he doesn't have the Atari version any more (his SynAssembler is also missing on his download page...). Btw, I already have Essex and Brimstone without password protection ready for upload - Mr.Bacardi -
  11. Hi ! For my new Synapse archive I'm looking for the game Mindwheel (an electronic novel). I searched the web, but I couldn't find a single copy - so it's maybe not transfered to atr-format yet... Maybe someone can help - would be great ! BR, - Mr.Bacardi -
  12. Thanks for the info Pawel & Co. ! Really too bad that Blood Fighter was never released - the demo looked quite promising... I think I found the thread in atariarea-forum about it, but I can NOT read it, of course. (aarrrgh !!!) Btw., Dracon mentioned something about Hawkmoon 2 - but I guess this is another "dead" game ... :-( Greets, - Mr.Bacardi -
  13. Hi ! Who knows what happend to "Blood Fighter" from Mirage (coded by Eagle Soft) ? Was the game ever finished ? Maybe one of the polish guys has some information for me Btw., you can download the demo from my web-site. - Mr.Bacardi -
  14. As I'm working on my Tynesoft archive, I did an emulator image of the original "The Last Guardian" disk. While playing around with the disk I found some interesting info about the author, Chris Paul Murray. In sec. $192 he mentioned his two new games he was working on : Spookies and Acilatem. Did he ever finished the games and released them ? Is he still living in Scotland, as written in Sec.$193 ? I'm sure the two games would have been really great and colourful (like Henry's House or Mirax Force...) Who knows what Chris is doing today ? - Mr.Bacardi -
  15. hehe - what about the Arkanoid level editor ? Instruction is in german, but I hope you can use it anyway ... Have fun ! arkanoid_level_editor.zip
  16. I was just playing around with my Arkanoid-disk, when I discovered some "loading" - text on the original-disk, that doesn't appear while booting the game (starting with sec. $C6 - you can also see it in most file-versions...). Why was it not used ? Didn't had Imagine enough time for a nice release ? Or is this text a left-over from the tape version ? (does the tape - version has a loading text ? Is a tape-version existing at all ?) Maybe someone else has an idea... arkanoid.zip
  17. Why is the sit "deceiving" ? Games means games !
  18. Hi, I must admit that your site is really great ! When I started my web-site, my "vision" was to do a database like you have - but I soon realised that it is nearly impossible But I think it's okay, to use some of your scans, as long I give credits to your web-site (and as long as you use images from my site ) Greetings, - Mr.Bacardi -
  19. Great ! The scan is just fine - thank you very much ! :-) BR, - Mr.Bacardi - P.S.: Page is already updated !
  20. Hi community, I'm looking for Datasoft's "Video Title Shop" atr-image for my archive. Can anyone help ? I'm also looking for the following cover scans: 221B Baker Street Alternate Reality: The City Bishop's Square / Maxwell's Demon Genesis Heathcliff Lost Tomb Micro-Painter Moon Shuttle O'Riley's Mine Shooting Arcade Would be great to have the archive "complete" BR, - Mr.Bacardi - P.S.: to have a look on the existing archive browse to http://mrbacardi.atari.org
  21. Did you try to run it from a dos disk ? Most probably you can't run it from a "game-dos"... Bye, Mr.Bacardi
  22. Here is more info on the programs mentioned... - Tom's Navigator : This is one of the best file-copy programs ! It looks like good, old "Norton Commander" for PC ! It works perfect with Mydos and is able to use subdirctories and to format disks up to 720K ! - Happy Master is a sector editor for all 3 densities ! (get the dos file from my hp ) - Super Packer is one of the best packer-programs for XL done by Bewesoft ! Greetings, - Mr.Bacardi -
  23. Hi ! I'm looking for an image of Axis' "Tipptrainer". Is there anyone who can help me ? Tipptrainer is the last Axis program that is missing on my site... Greetings, - Mr.Bacardi - P.S.: a scan of the disk-cover is also appreciated
  24. Hello ! If you haven't noticed already : Fluid-Kha, a previous unreleased game from L.K. Avalon, is now available on my web-site (http://mrbacardi.atari.org) ! Programmed by U.S.S.R., the same crew that brought us games like "Vicky" ! Greetings, - Mr.Bacardi -
  25. All 'official' releases but two were 1) released officially by Atari on 8bits 2) converted by Glenn. The two remaining are 1) Meteorites 2) RS Baseball I modified RS Baseball to work on my 8bit atari, but I gave up when I got the overlay (too complicated controls, would be unplayable on keyboard). So this means you have a XL version of 5200-Battlezone ? What about Xari ... and one "looney toon" game ? (I think it was roadrunner) I'd love to have disk versions for my XL !
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