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  1. Yep, John E. & Spite are still living in the Manchester area ... @John E. & Spite : still reading this forum from time to time ?
  2. Hi ! While trying to sort my atr chaos on my pc I came across a "teenage mutant hero turtle" demo, made by some guys in Peru (?!) The demo looks pretty cool and seems to be the intro of the game with the same name (sorry, I don't have a screenshot right now). My question: Is this only a demo or was it part of a project to port the game to Atari XL ? The original game itself is available on Atari ST and Nintendo (as far as I can remember...) Maybe someone from South America has mor info about this Greetz, - Mr.Bacardi -
  3. Wow, you did a great job XXL ! I hope there will be an update with nice music and some better sound effects
  4. Hi Heaven, did you write an email to Uwe ? If not, please do so ! I'm sure he has some interesting things to tell... BR, - Mr.Bacardi -
  5. Thanks to Miker, "new" game Lancelot by polish company L.K. Firebird is now available for download on my page ... Happy New Year ! :-)
  6. Hi, anyone know what happend to Chris Murray, author of fantastic games like "Henry's House", "Mirax Force" or "The Last Guardian". Maybe some of the english guys know more what happend to him after Tynesoft burnt down... On the last Guardian disk Chris mentioned that he was working on 2 new games "Spookies" and "Acillatem". Most proberbly never finished ... :-( Any info is welcome
  7. For those who are interested in english disk-mags: John E. sent me last issue of TGR and it's now available for download on my web-site ... (http://mrbacardi.atari.org) Download & enjoy ! :-)
  8. Hi folks, here are the rules for new ABBUC software contests in ATR-format ! I hope you enjoy it... - Mr.Bacardi - abbuc_sw_contest_2005.zip
  9. Remember that you have to insert "side a" of disk 1 into drive 1 and "side a" of disk 2 into drive 2
  10. For those who are still interested in Synapse's Mindwheel, it is now available at Atarimania. If you prefer the "patched Homesoft version" just visit my site Btw, at the moment it's not possible to make any updates on my freenet pages, so I had to announce this here. Sorry for this ... BR, - Mr.Bacardi -
  11. There was the HDI (High Density Interface) available in Germany for a short time. You can connect 5.25" or 3.5" floppy drives to it. For more infos have a look at the authors homepage http://www.atari-central.de/floppyservice/ But I'm not sure if the plans are still available - maybe just ask the "floppy-doc" Erhard
  12. Hi ! I just want to remind you that the annual ABBUC J.H.V. is held on this Saturday. Location is in Herten (Buergerhaus Sued) in Germany. J.H.V. starts at 11:00 am. For more information visit www.abbuc.de Hope to see you there ... -Mr.Bacardi -
  13. Sorry ! Previous posting went to the wrong thread Should be in "Looking for Atari 800 XL XE BASIC Games"...
  14. Try this link for type in listings from german magazines http://tronic-verlag.freeservers.com/ BR, - Mr.B. -
  15. Try this link for type in listings from german magazines http://tronic-verlag.freeservers.com/ BR, - Mr.B. -
  16. Hi Voy, my 2 MB XL is still working great ! Greetings to you and your brother ! - Mr.B. -
  17. @ Atari Frog: Hey,I'm a hacker - what do you expect ? But if that makes you happy and boosts your ego: Am I allowed to use your great scans ? Btw, am I also allowed to use your de-protected copy of Mindwheel also for my page ? (let's see how long it will take you to release it ...) @ Heaven: Danke, dass hier wenigstens einer den Durchblick hat - Mr.Bacardi -
  18. Hi Atari Frog, I don't want to start a discussion here, but : 1) I did state that I use some scans from your site (see news from 24-April-04) 2) Isn't it lame to use my cracks and delete my intro-text ? So, let's stop the discussion here , o.k ? - Mr.Bacardi -
  19. Okay, Synapse archive is online now ! Now, you can play Brimstone and Essex
  20. As far as I remember, the game is still pass-word protected, so can't play it anyway But to start the game you have to insert "disk 1" in drive 1 and "disk 3" (should be disk 2, side a) into drive 2 , then boot / start the emulator. Hope, this helps...
  21. Thanks, for the links. I thought of contacting Steve Hales already as a last chance But I'm affraid that he doesn't have the Atari version any more (his SynAssembler is also missing on his download page...). Btw, I already have Essex and Brimstone without password protection ready for upload - Mr.Bacardi -
  22. Hi ! For my new Synapse archive I'm looking for the game Mindwheel (an electronic novel). I searched the web, but I couldn't find a single copy - so it's maybe not transfered to atr-format yet... Maybe someone can help - would be great ! BR, - Mr.Bacardi -
  23. Thanks for the info Pawel & Co. ! Really too bad that Blood Fighter was never released - the demo looked quite promising... I think I found the thread in atariarea-forum about it, but I can NOT read it, of course. (aarrrgh !!!) Btw., Dracon mentioned something about Hawkmoon 2 - but I guess this is another "dead" game ... :-( Greets, - Mr.Bacardi -
  24. Hi ! Who knows what happend to "Blood Fighter" from Mirage (coded by Eagle Soft) ? Was the game ever finished ? Maybe one of the polish guys has some information for me Btw., you can download the demo from my web-site. - Mr.Bacardi -
  25. As I'm working on my Tynesoft archive, I did an emulator image of the original "The Last Guardian" disk. While playing around with the disk I found some interesting info about the author, Chris Paul Murray. In sec. $192 he mentioned his two new games he was working on : Spookies and Acilatem. Did he ever finished the games and released them ? Is he still living in Scotland, as written in Sec.$193 ? I'm sure the two games would have been really great and colourful (like Henry's House or Mirax Force...) Who knows what Chris is doing today ? - Mr.Bacardi -
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