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  1. Why is the sit "deceiving" ? Games means games !
  2. Hi, I must admit that your site is really great ! When I started my web-site, my "vision" was to do a database like you have - but I soon realised that it is nearly impossible But I think it's okay, to use some of your scans, as long I give credits to your web-site (and as long as you use images from my site ) Greetings, - Mr.Bacardi -
  3. Great ! The scan is just fine - thank you very much ! :-) BR, - Mr.Bacardi - P.S.: Page is already updated !
  4. Hi community, I'm looking for Datasoft's "Video Title Shop" atr-image for my archive. Can anyone help ? I'm also looking for the following cover scans: 221B Baker Street Alternate Reality: The City Bishop's Square / Maxwell's Demon Genesis Heathcliff Lost Tomb Micro-Painter Moon Shuttle O'Riley's Mine Shooting Arcade Would be great to have the archive "complete" BR, - Mr.Bacardi - P.S.: to have a look on the existing archive browse to http://mrbacardi.atari.org
  5. Did you try to run it from a dos disk ? Most probably you can't run it from a "game-dos"... Bye, Mr.Bacardi
  6. Here is more info on the programs mentioned... - Tom's Navigator : This is one of the best file-copy programs ! It looks like good, old "Norton Commander" for PC ! It works perfect with Mydos and is able to use subdirctories and to format disks up to 720K ! - Happy Master is a sector editor for all 3 densities ! (get the dos file from my hp ) - Super Packer is one of the best packer-programs for XL done by Bewesoft ! Greetings, - Mr.Bacardi -
  7. Hi ! I'm looking for an image of Axis' "Tipptrainer". Is there anyone who can help me ? Tipptrainer is the last Axis program that is missing on my site... Greetings, - Mr.Bacardi - P.S.: a scan of the disk-cover is also appreciated
  8. Hello ! If you haven't noticed already : Fluid-Kha, a previous unreleased game from L.K. Avalon, is now available on my web-site (http://mrbacardi.atari.org) ! Programmed by U.S.S.R., the same crew that brought us games like "Vicky" ! Greetings, - Mr.Bacardi -
  9. All 'official' releases but two were 1) released officially by Atari on 8bits 2) converted by Glenn. The two remaining are 1) Meteorites 2) RS Baseball I modified RS Baseball to work on my 8bit atari, but I gave up when I got the overlay (too complicated controls, would be unplayable on keyboard). So this means you have a XL version of 5200-Battlezone ? What about Xari ... and one "looney toon" game ? (I think it was roadrunner) I'd love to have disk versions for my XL !
  10. Really great Page ! But Plastron was released on disk - I have the original at home ! Interested in a cover scan and the image ? Grtx, - Mr.Bacardi -
  11. I'm afraid, i didn't catch that ... I just had a look on the 5200 OS listing again, it's quite well documented; and I think it shouldn't be a big problem to adapt it to the XL... For me it sounds the easiest way for porting 5200 games to the XL - especially if you are planing to convert more than 1 game The changes to the original 5200 binary file should be tiny...
  12. Yeah, he made some fantastic conversions ! Anyone know how Glenn did it ? I guess he must have had access to the source codes.... I tried to convert one of the 5200 only games for the XL, but gave up pretty soon :-( I think the main problem is that some of the 5200 shadow vectors are localised in the zero-page and the equivalent XL vector is at $200 (for example). So you can't hack the binary file easily as you have to change a 1 byte long value into a 2 byte long value. One of my ideas was to install a patched 5200 OS to the XL (the 5200 OS source is available at Jindroush's page). What do you think about it ? Greetings, - Mr.Bacardi -
  13. Hi ! Get the Atari XL file-version of Dark Chambers from my web-page ... http:mrbacardi.atari.org Greetings, - Mr.Bacardi -
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