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  1. I would be interested in one also. Preferably a "right slot" cartridge for my 800.
  2. Yup. After I told him the eBay auction number I find my money refunded and absolutely no response to my 3 emails . . .
  3. Anyone have a source of new keyboard mylars for the Atari 100XL?? Bought a 1200XL on eBay and the only thing that doesn't work is the keyboard!! I already tried purchasing one from Best Electronics last month or so but didn't get very far. After an email exchange with Brad in which he wanted to know the eBay auction number for the 1200XL I had purchased (which needed the new mylar) the money was refunded to me with no explanation. I have sent him 3 emails since asking for a reason why the money was refunded and have not received any replies. I think ordering from him is a dead-end. Anyone have an extra mylar or (even better!!) an extra 1200XL keyboard!! 😁 Thanks, Bob
  4. Thanks @mozzwald. I have no problem pressing the "A" button when trying to update. As long as the FujiNet continues to work well when attached to my Atari 800 I'm good to go. Thanks again for your concern!!
  5. @mozzwald Just tried the 12/29/2020 update. Had to press the "A" button in order to get it to update. Without pressing the "A" button when plugging in the FujiNet to the USB cable I consistently get the error in my original post. Used the same USB cable and the same USB port on the PC as always.
  6. So far yes. I did the last two times I updated. I'll try the latest update today and let you know if I had to press the "A" button to get it to work. In all other respects my FujiNet appears to work flawlessly however.
  7. As @mozzwald posted above "The board is supposed to automatically enter flash mode when you press "Flash FujiNet Firmware", but you can force it into flash mode by holding Button A (far left) when you plug in the USB cable, then run the flash tool." I have tried this on my FujiNet and it has updated successfully ever since. Worth a try . . .
  8. Thanks to all of you for your responses, advice, and help. As you can see in my second post I was to successfully update my FujiNet to the latest firmware - I have no idea why it all of a sudden decided to play nice and update. I used the same laptop and the same cable and it suddenly just worked!! 🙂 I was not using a USB hub with any of the computers that I tried the update on - all were plugged directly into the USB port on the computer. Again thanks to all.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply Thom. I purchased it the middle of October. I'll contact the vendor and see what my options are. P.S. After posting my initial question I had left the FijiNet attached to my laptops USB port. Before disconnecting it I figured I would try one last time to update the firmware. Wouldn't you know it - it updated with no problem this time. . . . Will still contact the vendor and discuss the situation with him. Again, thanks for all your work and help with this amazing device. P.S. Question - In the "normal" world of updating the FujiNet's firmware, after pressing the "Flash FujiNet Firmware" button is their anything else I need to do ?? i.e. pressing any of the buttons on top of the device.
  10. When I try to update the FujiNet firmware using the flasher.exe I continually get "Failed to connect to expressif device" (see attached screen capture.) I have used 3 different computers - two hard-wired to my router and 1 via wi-fi. I have used 3 different USB cables. In all cases I get the same error. Other than this "updating problem" the FujiNet works perfectly when attached to my Atari 800. Any idea what could be wrong and how to fix it??? Thanks, Bob
  11. Yeah - I thought it was kinda weird but I did give him the auction number. Looks like I will have to see if I can get a 1200XL mylar from another source. Speaking of which - does anyone have any ideas where I might be able to purchase one?? Thanks . .
  12. Does anyone know if Best Electronics is still selling Atari merchandise? I ordered a new 1200XL keyboard mylar from Brad earlier this month and sent him the money for it via Google Pay. After an email exchange in which he wanted to know the eBay auction number for the 1200XL I had purchased (which needed the new mylar) the money was refunded to me with no explanation. I have sent him 3 emails since asking for a reson why the money was refunded and have not received any replies. Anybody know . . . .??
  13. Thanks everyone for the replies and suggestions. I did look for debris under the "/" but found nothing. The key appears to move very freely down and up so it isn't stuck. After I get the UAV installed I'll take another look . . .
  14. I am in the process of trying to "rehabilitate" an 800XL that has been sitting boxed-up in my basement for more than 15 years. I set it up and connected it to my Commodore 1702 monitor and it boots up to basic with no problem (except for the really lousy video!) BUT the "/" character appears on the screen continuously. It is as if I was pressing the "/" and not letting go. I will be installing an UAV video upgrade this weekend to hopefully fix the video, but I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about the keyboard problem. Any possible easy fixes?? If it helps the keyboard has a Stackpole label on its bottom. Appreciate any suggestions - thanks . . .
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