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  1. Hey, I have that cart. I was not thinking about selling it, but... In the end, it's all about the money. What's your idea of "good money for it"?
  2. C'mon... this one looks like an Sports Car of the 80's
  3. Thank you coleconut. I can tell you that my job was, for sure, easier than trying to convert the other way around. I mean, I have full 64k RAM available for instance. I have MSX Turbo-R myself. It's an amazing piece of engineering that was never explored up to it's full potential. Not sure if you know about it. Here's more information: Panasonic FS-A1ST (http://www.old-computers.com/MUSEUM/computer.asp?c=775) Anyway, it would be nice if you join www.msx.org to discuss retrocomputing with the European community. The sw library for MSX is vast. Maybe if you start a discussion there, a lot of people would be able to, for instance, tell which games would be possible candidates for a Coleco conversion. Best Regards, Muffie.
  4. Hi msmeenk, I did some conversions the other way around. I can tell you that (AFAIK) my job is way easier than yours! With 64k RAM I can place the entire ColecoBIOS (patched of course) in MSX RAM. - Anyway, I created, in asm, an "emulator" of the SN chip. If I remember correctly I had problems with noise, as, the SN chip has an extra bit for frequencies. In the end, instead of mapping the frequencies to a lower range, I decided to just transform coleco noises to tones. Here's how Tutankham sounds with that emulator: Check the dying sound ~30s. Now, I'm working on a conversion of time pilot. I decided to change completely the sounds using original AY sounds made by Toni Galvez. But something that we're planning to the future is to rewrite the sounds directly on the coleco format without using noise. That would make the conversions way faster. I see that most games use the BIOS routines @ $1ff1 or $1ff4 (don't remember exactly) Is there an editor that I could use to edit and/or create sounds directly on that format? Something like the Spectrum tools for the AY's chip? -> AYFX Editor (http://shiru.untergrund.net/software.shtml) Thanks in Advance, Muffie.
  5. Have you guys heard about this: http://www.msx.org/news/en/muffies-conversions-coleco-and-sg-1000-released-cartridge I did the conversions by patching the original BIOS, including an emulator of the SN sound chip. *before anyone asks, everything is free, I'm not charging a penny for it neither I'm making any money out of carts. The guy selling that is only covering costs. As the SN sound chip lacks noise emulation (MSX Sound chip has fewer noise frequencies), now, I'm trying to change some of the sound inside the roms. I saw that you guys have some special tools for homebrew development. Maybe I could use one of those to it. I mean, anyone knows how the native sound format is too different from AFX format used by Shiru's AYFX editor? http://shiru.untergrund.net/software.shtml Best Regards, Muffie
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