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  1. Real easy question and the answer could alleviates NEARLY all of my concerns over your project. Did you get the rights from Hiroshi Kaneko?
  2. Huh. Until this post here, I was not aware that the Nuon was the spiritual successor to the Atari Jaguar. I buy and sell Nuon systems as a nice side business (apparently Arkansas is the dumping grounds of obscure electronics). Interesting. Thanks for the bit of news there, Phoenix.
  3. Okay, what did Nuon do to get put in with the Chameleon?
  4. http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/315758 The rest of the mags I have created are available there as well I. PDF and print. We produced a preview issue under the Retro Gaming Monthly name in September of 2012, after our Kickstarter failed. We changed to Retro Gaming Magazine shortly after this around this time. Through another site I am a co-founder on I work closely with Imagine Publishing and many UK based publications. They were well aware of the title of my publication prior to launching even the preview issue. I also was in contact with Electronic Gaming Monthly owner, Steve Harris to secure permission to use the initials 'RGM' which were close to his publication that went by the name 'EGM' after their relaunch.
  5. Yes but I perfer not to publicly state the numbers. All I can say is, I wish them the best of luck in righting that ship.
  6. I was in talks with shareholders, other than Mike, that represented about 60% percent together of Game Gavel. The magazine is apparently in debt, for many reasons that I was never really made clear of. From my understanding there is more than one contract in play here. I talked with these shareholders about the situation the mag was in as far as debt the most. Mainly I wanted to know how it got that way. Talks went cold as a lot of paperwork was never revealed and at the end of March I dropped out of the discussion. Mike was never involved, and never knew I was talking with the shareholders that I was. From my understanding, Mike holds less than 50% of the shares of Game Gavel. Edit to correct: my apologies, they hold 60% of the mag. I am not sure of their investment in GG itself. There are three shareholders in the mag and over 10 in GG itself from what I understand.
  7. As stated be fore, Mike was not involved in those discussions as he is, according to what I know, not the majority shareholder. So I take it you feel I am trying to decieve here too?
  8. It is a dead deal. Besides, I will explain that when Mike explains his shenanigans.
  9. Mike, or anyone else involved with this that wishes to talk, I am open for interviews. Fair and honest chance here. Just like every interview I have done covering this thing. Think about it. I am not a hard person to find.
  10. They, since we don't know who is posting, are promoting issue #11 has gone to print as of 7 hours ago. I asked on their FB if they are now monthly. It was just a few weeks ago that issue #10 was released. Rather interesting.
  11. I would venture to say he HAS to have another Kickstarter to make year three.
  12. $6 shipped in the United States (trying a new thing out). <img src="https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1663/26176832261_1b7a65ea0a_k.jpg"width="1536" height="2048" alt="IMG_20160402_134443">
  13. A clarification for those interested in what is going on with my involvement in taking over RETRO Mag. It is a dead in the water deal. The shareholders I was in talks with failed to meet a preset deadline (end of March). I did not receive the necessary paperwork to confidently move forward with my purchase offer. I made it public on the RGM Facebook page (on April 1st) and wished them the best of luck. Early reports from those that received issue #10 are very poor, to say the least. Fans are not happy with the quality of the content or the layouts. I tried my best, I honestly did, to help turn that mess around but it simply was not meant to be. If they go bankrupt (I cannot see them turning things around with the debt they carry and the lack of staff for at least two more issues) I will simply pick up the crumbs at that point. This was, from day one, an attempt at taking care of the fans that will feel shafted when that mag goes down. No matter what anyone thinks, RETRO IS THE FACE of retro publications in the United States. I cannot say that the management have done anything to maintain that status and that is a shame.
  14. Yes. Here you go. http://downloads.ziddu.com/download/23823205/rgm1printproof.pdf.html
  15. In the first issue of RETRO Gaming Magazine I compared Thunder Force III and Thunder Spirits. The PDF is available for free on my site, link in signature. Not sure you would want to include the feature here with such vaulted sources but you are welcome to.
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