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  1. Real easy question and the answer could alleviates NEARLY all of my concerns over your project. Did you get the rights from Hiroshi Kaneko?
  2. Huh. Until this post here, I was not aware that the Nuon was the spiritual successor to the Atari Jaguar. I buy and sell Nuon systems as a nice side business (apparently Arkansas is the dumping grounds of obscure electronics). Interesting. Thanks for the bit of news there, Phoenix.
  3. Okay, what did Nuon do to get put in with the Chameleon?
  4. http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/315758 The rest of the mags I have created are available there as well I. PDF and print. We produced a preview issue under the Retro Gaming Monthly name in September of 2012, after our Kickstarter failed. We changed to Retro Gaming Magazine shortly after this around this time. Through another site I am a co-founder on I work closely with Imagine Publishing and many UK based publications. They were well aware of the title of my publication prior to launching even the preview issue. I also was in contact with Electronic Gaming Monthly owner, Steve Harris to secure permission to use the initials 'RGM' which were close to his publication that went by the name 'EGM' after their relaunch.
  5. Yes but I perfer not to publicly state the numbers. All I can say is, I wish them the best of luck in righting that ship.
  6. I was in talks with shareholders, other than Mike, that represented about 60% percent together of Game Gavel. The magazine is apparently in debt, for many reasons that I was never really made clear of. From my understanding there is more than one contract in play here. I talked with these shareholders about the situation the mag was in as far as debt the most. Mainly I wanted to know how it got that way. Talks went cold as a lot of paperwork was never revealed and at the end of March I dropped out of the discussion. Mike was never involved, and never knew I was talking with the shareholders that I was. From my understanding, Mike holds less than 50% of the shares of Game Gavel. Edit to correct: my apologies, they hold 60% of the mag. I am not sure of their investment in GG itself. There are three shareholders in the mag and over 10 in GG itself from what I understand.
  7. As stated be fore, Mike was not involved in those discussions as he is, according to what I know, not the majority shareholder. So I take it you feel I am trying to decieve here too?
  8. It is a dead deal. Besides, I will explain that when Mike explains his shenanigans.
  9. Mike, or anyone else involved with this that wishes to talk, I am open for interviews. Fair and honest chance here. Just like every interview I have done covering this thing. Think about it. I am not a hard person to find.
  10. They, since we don't know who is posting, are promoting issue #11 has gone to print as of 7 hours ago. I asked on their FB if they are now monthly. It was just a few weeks ago that issue #10 was released. Rather interesting.
  11. I would venture to say he HAS to have another Kickstarter to make year three.
  12. $6 shipped in the United States (trying a new thing out). <img src="https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1663/26176832261_1b7a65ea0a_k.jpg"width="1536" height="2048" alt="IMG_20160402_134443">
  13. A clarification for those interested in what is going on with my involvement in taking over RETRO Mag. It is a dead in the water deal. The shareholders I was in talks with failed to meet a preset deadline (end of March). I did not receive the necessary paperwork to confidently move forward with my purchase offer. I made it public on the RGM Facebook page (on April 1st) and wished them the best of luck. Early reports from those that received issue #10 are very poor, to say the least. Fans are not happy with the quality of the content or the layouts. I tried my best, I honestly did, to help turn that mess around but it simply was not meant to be. If they go bankrupt (I cannot see them turning things around with the debt they carry and the lack of staff for at least two more issues) I will simply pick up the crumbs at that point. This was, from day one, an attempt at taking care of the fans that will feel shafted when that mag goes down. No matter what anyone thinks, RETRO IS THE FACE of retro publications in the United States. I cannot say that the management have done anything to maintain that status and that is a shame.
  14. Yes. Here you go. http://downloads.ziddu.com/download/23823205/rgm1printproof.pdf.html
  15. In the first issue of RETRO Gaming Magazine I compared Thunder Force III and Thunder Spirits. The PDF is available for free on my site, link in signature. Not sure you would want to include the feature here with such vaulted sources but you are welcome to.
  16. In issue #2 of RGM we began doing features on import computers and consoles (the Sharp X68000 was first). Future plans that may now see fruition may touch on platforms that are more your cup of tea (judging by the response we have gotten, there is plenty of interest for well crafted/presented pieces on import platforms).
  17. We are not currently printing. We are looking for additional staff after finding a much more affordable method of printing (costs are much lower). What is your store, if I may ask? Believe me, you are not the only person to not make the connection. I have close to 100 e-mails from subscribers to RETRO that have confused my site/magazine with theirs over the last year or so. I don't do nearly a good enough job promoting RGM on forums such as AtariAge (I feel all spammy when I do mention it).
  18. First of all, thank you to everyone for your comments, concern and warnings. I am reading them and appreciate each and every one of them. This is not a situation that I am taking lightly, or cheaply. There is no malice behind my plans to take over RETRO Magazine. Just the opposite actually. For better or for worse, the magazine is viewed as the current leader for North American based retro publications (even though "retro" content was sparse at best). From my understanding, there is no staff left outside of Mr. Kennedy himself- everyone is gone, left or whatever. They still have a minimum of two issues left to fulfill their second Kickstarter promises. That is a huge undertaking for a new owner to assume. I would like to address that first. I plan on assessing the situation when I know more as far as exactly how many subscribers there are total. How many were Year Two backers and how many "after Kickstarter subscribers" that are owed two or more issues. I view these subscribers as valuable members of the family. I would not move forward on this if I had no intention of taking care of those subscribers. That would be wrong, it would be ignorant of their support and it would be plain stupid of anyone assuming this mess to ignore them. That is going to be a HUGE investment of money and time to make things right with them- it is something that is priority one for me. Telling those subscribers I am not responsible for their lack of receiving issues would be beyond reprehensible. That is not an option to me. This is not a merger of the magazines as in Mike with RETRO and me with Retro Gaming Magazine. This would be a hostile takeover and Mike would no longer be involved with the project in any way. He may receive a complimentary lifetime subscription though. Now onto the comments, concerns etc. So true. Mr. Kennedy has made a lot of public mistakes. I can only hope that what comes of this is what the fans want and will support. Without the fans, there is nothing. First, burn on Mr. Kennedy. Next, content would be a big 180 turn around over what they were offering. Also timely content would be numero uno (no Star Wars coverage two to three months AFTER the hype for the movie for instance). Thanks for the kudos there. It could be damaging to RGM and what we have built but I don't think, with the right guidance, proper transparency and dedication to quality, that it will be all that bad of an affect. It can be turned around. Just going to be hard. I can't discuss specifics at this time but it is what some would classify as a "scary" amount to make good on outstanding debt. It is not an option to screw over those that backed it, even if it was during the previous administration. Good points. Definitely some checks in the pluses column. It is not a merger. Mr. Kennedy would vacate any ownership/involvement whatsoever. Bad juju is what you make of it, I like to cook it and see what is for dinner myself. You guys noticed the public lashing Mr. Kennedy tried to hand me? I mean, he did learn the fine art of "copy and paste" when I was using screen caps. Good on him. Would he really have to put that in writing at this point? Ding ding. This is the plan. Acquire the ashes, make an ashen snowman or two, take some selfies and then go about knocking it down for fun. Yes, the two publications would continue under the RETRO Gaming Magazine banner and be one entity. I am an opportunist, as they say. Nothing wrong with it, just being honest. It is going to be a nightmare of a situation to traverse and there will be lawyers and accountants involved making sure everything is disclosed and accounted for. Is there any better justice than "poetic"? I am open to those being added to add value to this deal. As many have stated already, there is not much left after the mismanagement that has occurred. Who said it is not going down like that? While that has a certain ring to it, I prefer to capitalize the word RETRO and just add Gaming Magazine afterward. It seems fitting to combine them that way. Though "New" RETRO has a ring ot it too... Or just being a decent human being. Either one works. I think Mr. Kennedy has already burned the rest. Pardon me for being biased but, the content of Retro Gaming Magazine was pretty solid- though those layouts. Man, they should fire the guy that laid those out (it was me). He shouldn't be allowed to lay anything else out (I am not) and he should stick to writing (I am) and taking screenshots (if I have to). Here, grab the free PDFs and decide for yourself. That interview about Policenauts in issue #2 actually earned me a C&D (i.e., please don't run it or we will look at you sternly) from Konami too bad you can't retract print. http://downloads.ziddu.com/download/23823205/rgm1printproof.pdf.html http://downloads.ziddu.com/download/23823184/RGM-2-Final.pdf.html That boggled my mind too. It was a "what the hell are they doing?" type event when I saw them announce Year 2 on Kickstarter. The magazine, if it had been properly managed, should have been sustainable based on the success of the first Kickstarter- it certainly earned enough money. That would be funny. If River West Brands were to swoop in and buy it. Hilarious. Seriously, don't give them ideas. I don't need competition on this. Kickstarter, at worse, could probably only stop Mr. Kennedy from doing another Kickstarter of any kind. Though, he has proven plenty of proficiency at starting new companies and covering up his involvement. No proof he would not simply do that in the future if Kickstarter did attempt to impose some kind of sanction on him. I think I got them all. Fire away, as long as I am not blindfolded and my back against a wall. I have thick skin, if you don't believe me, you should read some of the comments about my layout work in RGM #1 and #2 (they are still on our Facebook wall- I didn't delete them).
  19. I changed mine to "Investigative gaming journalist" Considering the subheading change, who wants to bet he will try and capitalize on the "history" books on gaming that are popular right now?
  20. Just so you guys know, the Facebook page is probably "unpublished" right now. Why? Mike probably has to remove all mention of Coleco from the Facebook page and the easiest way to do that at your leisure would be to unpublish the page. This leaves Mike with the "likes" when he republishes the page, at least I believe so. It is very likely that Mike will be back with something else. Maybe he got one of those "Under new management" banners you see outside of ailing businesses. I am not privy to that information. I did contact him (probably went straight to his trash bin) in relation to purchasing RETRO Mag from him. As you all know, I co-own Retro Gaming Magazine- a competitor to Mike's product. Removing any chance of truth to rumors that I could be forced to change the name of my site would rather nice in my eyes. This saga is far from over though. If you listen carefully, you can almost hear Mike thinking up a new plan.
  21. Mike released confidential e-mails with Mr. Rajne in what can only be described as a retaliation move at me. Sadly, he was attacking the wrong direction.
  22. For anyone interested in seeing the top 20 countries that have people that like the RETRO Video Game Systems Facebook page, it is here: https://www.facebook.com/search/str/countries%2Bof%2Bpeople%2Bwho%2Blike%2Bretro%2Bvideo%2Bgame%2Bsystems/keywords_places Languages of their fans: https://www.facebook.com/search/language/pages/783316545070951/likers/languages/intersect Movie interests of their fans: https://www.facebook.com/search/me/pages-liked/783316545070951/likers/pages-liked/movie/pages/intersect Music interests: https://www.facebook.com/search/str/musicians%2Bliked%2Bby%2Bpeople%2Bwho%2Blike%2Bretro%2Bvideo%2Bgame%2Bsystems%252C%2Binc./keywords_pages Game interests (seems to be Facebook games only): https://www.facebook.com/search/783316545070951/likers/apps-liked/game/apps/intersect Actors: https://www.facebook.com/search/783316545070951/likers/pages-liked/115637068529573/pages/intersect
  23. Okay, now if Chris has this happen, and it appears on YouTube, I would definitely share the hell out of that. I mean, come on. That would definitely up the "cool" factor for Coleco but seriously, it would not add anything to the actual proceedings. Still would be cool. Anyhow, those that think we are on a witch hunt covering this saga, if things go too far then it does become one. Right now is the time to step back and let Coleco Holdings/Riverwest Brands conclude their investigation (I believe time runs out on the 9th). This becomes a witch hunt if pokes and prods continue in the direction of Coleco Holdings, at least for the time being. Right now, Chris Cardillo is being a stand up guy- he is standing up on ColecoVisions Podcast and stating "I f'ed up." He is not saying some guy in the legal department did it, he is not saying there is someone else that we don't know about, maybe a Mr. Wong or something (I apologize if that comes off as racist or whatever), that we know nothing about that made this deal. No, Mr. Cardillo is owning up and taking responsibility from his side of this situation. I take it is him that is instigating the various steps that we are seeing right now (investigation, time limit, etc). For that, I have to say, thank you. Would it have been nice if those on the Coleco side saw the writing on the wall a little sooner? Sure. That is the past though. They are not denying there was a mistake made on their end of this and they are owning up to it and doing what they can from a professional standpoint to fix it. We cannot really ask for any more than that at this time. For now, we have to wait. Does anyone know how good cell service is in the desert?
  24. All it takes is a little investigating to unravel this too.
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