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  1. Please reserve 1 Mattel copy in Mattel style box. Payment has been sent. Thanks!
  2. I'd love a CIB copy, too, whenever it does come out
  3. Hello, I would like to reserve a CIB copy. Thanks! Bryan
  4. Hello, I'd like to order a set of these as well - do I need to do anything special to let anyone know, or just post in this thread? Thanks! Bryan
  5. I would also like on if any are still available - any number would be fine! Thanks! Bryan
  6. Hi there, I'd like to reserve a copy - I see 50 and 74 are available, but if that list is somehow incorrect, please put me down for any number you still have. Thanks! Bryan
  7. As a proud owner of Ward Shrake's Arcadia Multicart (#1 as a matter of fact), so I can attest to the coolness of having the Arcadia library at one's fingertips! I love mutlicarts in general, especially for the more obscure systems. Please put me down for one as well! Thanks! Bryan
  8. I totally missed this one, too - I'd like a copy as well! Thanks!
  9. I'd like to have one as well if you are still accepting preorders...thanks!
  10. I'd like to be added, too, if anyone is still eligible. Thanks!
  11. How do you play disk or tape images on the Adamx emulator?
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