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  1. I have played Atari today.

    1. Master Phruby

      Master Phruby

      I played Nintendo today.

  2. Perfect Dark is still awesome!

    1. Grig


      One of Rare's best games for the N64

  3. It's strange to have moved to another continent yet still be a part of the same online community. Stability in a sea of change...

    1. jaybird3rd


      I think that's one of the things I like about vintage gaming and computing in general. Compared to modern systems, which are in a constant state of flux, my vintage systems are timeless.

    2. PFL


      indeed. No looking around the next corner for the next compatibility issue or patch. Same old people playing on the same old hardware with just some shiny new games to look forward to. It's the first time I've felt good about being old!

  4. Sitting here wondering why I can't play Liberator on my 2600...

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