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  1. If you decide to make another batch I'd be very interested. Especially if they're fully compatible with the Master System too.
  2. I'd love to see the remaining 'classic' Pac-Man games get a 7800 port if for no other reason than to make it the definitive Pac-Man home console. The Pac-Man Collection, Jr Pac_man and Super Pac-Man are all very classy. It would be lovely to have Pac and Pal, Pac-Land and Pac Mania with the same level of care. There's also a video of a supposed NES port of Pac-Man CE on Youtube. Something like that would be super cool. Oh, and a nice version of Lady Bug wouldn't go amiss either!
  3. For me, the one thing that sets the C64 apart from other machines (not just the A8) is the SID chip. That thing still sounds glorious. That warm, fuzzy analogue synth sound is just lovely and can't be touched by its contemporaries. Obviously that's a taste thing but what isn't when it comes to these lovely old machines?
  4. Thanks for replying. I understand that messing with the UI isn't really of much interest to you. Especially as, coding-wise, I'm sure it's pretty dull and when your time is limited you want to have fun in what you're creating. I'm just happy to see another 7800 emulator out in the wild.
  5. Hey Dauber, just wanted to say that I only recently came across the podcast (not sure how I missed it!). Thanks so much for your time and work. It's really fun listening to a show dedicated to homebrew.
  6. Just wondering if there's been any work on this emulator. I'm interested to see where it's headed with regards to the end user experience. Loading an A78 file is a little convoluted just now.
  7. Ooh, cool. I can't believe I overlooked the mighty C64. I know what I'll be playing this evening after my tea. Thanks, save 2600.
  8. I've been playing a LOT of the early Pac-Man games of late and after playing Jr Pac-Man for a while it got me wondering if anyone had created a version that didn't scroll but filled a modern widescreen display. I've looked around but haven't found anything. Anyone know of such a hack/port? I'd be really interested to see how a static widescreen version would impact the feel of the game...
  9. I got an email at around 4 this afternoon saying it's dispatched. Hopefully have it by Saturday. Thanks for replying.
  10. Just wondering if anyone in the UK or Europe has got their copy yet? I haven't heard anything from Forbidden Planet and I'm getting really jealous of all you North American dudes!
  11. Again, best of luck with this game. I really like the core idea here. It reminds me a lot of a cross between KC Munchkin and World's Biggest Pac-Man... Which is no bad thing in my book!
  12. This looks great! I really, really hope you keep working at it and manage to iron out all the bugs. Good luck.
  13. Too true! It's pretty exciting hoping to catch the postman in the morning before she does. I've always enjoyed living life on the edge.
  14. Just pre-ordered the deluxe edition from Forbidden Planet. My partner's going to kill me but how could I resist!?
  15. Just sent a reply. As it turns out I actually managed to get them a while back. They're a surprisingly good wee read for what they are and make a great companion for the 'proper' Atari Force comics.
  16. PFL

    PAL60 ROMS

    I certainly haven't (wouldn't have a clue!). Can't say I've ever come across one either.
  17. A bit late to the party but thanks so much to seeing that the ROM got a release. Good job.
  18. PFL


    I can't believe this game's already a year old! Time flies when you're having fun, I suppose. It's still one of my favourite games. Thank you.
  19. I sold off most of my old games collection a while back purely for space reasons... kinda miss my 2600 games though. These days, I've got a handful of homebrew carts in storage and a Harmony in my Jr... I've toyed with starting a small collection again but over here in the UK 2600 games aren't as cheap or plentiful as they are in the US. I'd end up paying over the odds on Ebay and that's a bit off-putting...
  20. Yeah. He's wearing a 'troll' t-shirt. Just some kid thinking he's funny or witty after watching too many AVGN episodes.
  21. Nothing that useful to add other than to agree with all the games that have already been mentioned. Space Rocks and Juno First are excellent shooters. Since you're into that genre you really can't go wrong... To be honest, I don't actually own Juno First. I just play it on my Harmony cart at the moment. As soon as the Atarivox+ is back in stock in the AA store I'll be buying both!
  22. Looks like a great channel. I've only just watched the Alien Pinball video and I enjoyed it. I love new games on old systems so it's nice having something to watch that covers that. Perhaps in the future he could do an interview voiced over the top of the game? That would be really fun.
  23. Same thing happened to me with two separate USB joystick orders... Took the payment fine. Then nothing. Eventually got the same contact as above and then nothing. I made the first order when I was in China so presumed the joystick had been lost in the post (pretty common over there). When back in the UK made a second order... Yep, I'm that naive... Such a sad way to treat people after all this time. Frankly, I'm more disappointed than angry.
  24. Cool beans! I'll order a copy on Tuesday (pay day!).
  25. Can I just clarify that if I bought the book through Amazon UK that I'd now get the improved version? Are there suppliers that are still selling the old one?
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