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  1. The second one looks the closest to my eye. You should maybe ask over at the Denial forum too. Those guys are Vic graphics experts (even inventing new hi res formats!). I understand your problem though. I've always wanted to make some pixel art for the Vic but the pixel shape is really idiosyncratic - I suppose that's inevitable for the world's first 'widescreen' computer!
  2. ^ That's really nice. I hope you can upload it sometime. Do you have to get permission first, do you think? I was wondering if you would consider making PAL versions of at least some of your hacks. They're great to play in Stella as is and I really enjoy them but when I play them on my 2600jr with my Harmony cart the colours are often strange. It really affects Pacman which is a shame...
  3. I have never owned an Atari computer but I love 8 bit machines and have been toying with the idea of getting one. I've had a look around the interwebs and I like the cheesy look of the 1600 XEGS. Is it a good place to start on the Atari 8 bit computing road? It seems to be pretty compatible but I thought I'd ask you guys. Also; Silly Question 374b - Is it compatible with 2600 carts?
  4. Just Stella (latest build) just now...
  5. It's the best money I ever spent on an old console. It just works like it's supposed to. It's fast, intuitive and allows you to play all the new goodies that keep on coming out - For instance, Star Castle just got a Release Candidate today. I've already played it on my 2600 Jr*... Erm, that was a lie. I got confused - I played the pre RC build though!
  6. So, this is a K.C Munchkin rip off? I going to tell Magnavox!
  7. It makes me sad that we'll never see a movie or series based on this... Still, it's pretty much the best fake trailer I've ever seen. Genius.
  8. Another constant figure from my geeky life gone... Rest in peace. I'm going to play a bit of Jack Attack in honour of the man's vision.
  9. A level editor would be cool indeed. I really hope someone can help you out with that and the title/intermissions too. You've got a talent and it would be lovely to see your visions come true... and it wouldn't be bad to play it too!
  10. I've just come across your work and just wanted to say that there is some excellent work here. It's always nice to these oldies get a new lease of life. I'd love to see what you could do with Mario Bros. (hint, hint! )
  11. TBH, I haven't a clue but thanks for making the game pretty.
  12. This beyond cool. I am truly blown away by this. You, sir, are a genius!
  13. Nintendo 64 and Perfect Dark. There's just so much to play in that game.
  14. Thanks for the update. Some news is good news I suppose. At least you're feeling healthier... Now get on with ma console!
  15. Nice vid. You should make an entire Adventure series - I'd watch it!
  16. I listen to quite a few podcasts and it surprises me just how few good quality classic gaming/computing 'casts there are out there (that I've found!) I pretty much only list to Retro Gaming Roundup, The Retro League, Retro Computing Roundtable, Retronauts and Famicom Dojo. Though it's not technically retro I do really like Roguelike Radio too. Yes, I'm that geeky! I really miss Levi Buchanan's Retrocity and Earl Evans' solo show Retrobits but it's good to see that Shane Monroe is back. It does really surprise me though that there isn't an Atari podcast. I also wish there was a UK/Eurocentric classic gaming podcast...
  17. I love the SMS print. As soon as I get a job I'll be all over at least one of them! Would you consider doing something for the Vic 20? Maybe with the Vicman character?
  18. I like the INTV but have no real nostalgic draw towards it. In fact, I'm happy enough to play to just play Intellivision Lives compilations... The VCS, on the other hand, just begs me to play the games on the real hardware. I suppose it's because the games are just so closely tied to the hardware that any emulation (however good) adds a layer of abstraction that just loses something. Still, I do always keep a copy of Stella on my netbook! I find it a bit of a strange comparison between the Intellivision and 2600 as they are different generations. A more interesting comparison, for me, would be the 2600 and the Vic 20. Especially after the above mention of Batari BASIC. Both are pretty much the same era, both have BASIC and both are swamped with arcade conversions of the time. Maybe I should start that thread!
  19. Thanks for the link to the Wicked Father game. I missed it before. @ Junosix; Do you think you'll ever go back and tweak the game, at all? It would be a shame to let such a nice game and premise fall by the wayside just because of the difficulty...
  20. I was once put in the position of using my 360 as a DVD player. It was the noisiest DVD player I have ever heard and using the controller as a remote was just wrong! I then went to the supermarket and picked up a stand alone unit for £20 (the same price as the 360 remote would've cost). The picture was actually sharper and the machine was silent... There's a lesson in there somewhere... Re the OP: I really don't care about hard media playback on my gaming systems - in my experience it killed way more Playstations and PS2's than anything else...
  21. Thanks for the pointer. I was in dire straits a couple of months back and actually (with embarrassment) asked for my money back but thankfully I've weathered the financial storm and can once again await this lovely project with eagerness again. Good luck Golden Ax.
  22. ^ I haven't heard anything recent. What was the last update you heard?
  23. Thanks once again for your hard work. When I (finally) get a new job I'll definitely send a wee donation your way.
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