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  1. Yep. I'm interested if there's another run.
  2. ^ I will be following this with eagerness now. I'll also add a request to your other thread. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. PFL


    I've always felt the game had a lot of potential but as maiki says it feels more like a proto. It would be nice to see a refined version of this game... Also, this is the first time I've seen an NTSC version as well. I always thought of this as a PAL region 'cash-in' game...
  4. I take it the boxes have sold out by now?
  5. PFL

    PAL60 ROMS

    I've been playing the Asteroids ROM and it seems fine to me. It's no more juddery than the NTSC version and it's a helluva lot better than the pants PAL version! Thanks again. BTW: Do you know if there's any difference between the PAL and NTSC versions of Beamrider? Just curious as I'm having problems with the game on my Harmony cart...
  6. I just got my Harmony cart today and I'm loving it except I can't seem to get Beamrider to start properly... I am in the UK so I'm using PAL ROMs on my 2600 Jnr. Everytime I start the game it jumps to Sector 8 and I get my arse handed to me! I've never owned the original so I'm not sure about difficulty settings though after messing around nothing seems to make the game start at Sector 1... Any help?
  7. PFL

    PAL60 ROMS

    Good work bloke.
  8. Genius. Great character and fun game. With the lack of scrolling down maybe you could have it that water is flooding the 'pit' that Blinky is climbing. That way there's a reason for falling deaths - he drowns... You could call the game Blinky in the Drinky!
  9. PFL

    PAL60 ROMS

    I embarrassed to admit it but I've never played Adventure. Now's a good time to pop my cherry though. If I find anything strange I'll report back here...
  10. Ha! Mine arrived today. The game's in black and white (presumably PAL incompatibility) but looks good... Now, if only I can find someone who's willing to play a 30 year old game. I really like the packaging and I've already bored my girlfriend by forcing her to watch the DVD. Good Work.
  11. PFL

    PAL60 ROMS

    ^ Same here. Great work though. It's taken nearly 30 years but I feel I've finally reached parity with our NTSC buddies. Thanks.
  12. PFL

    PAL60 ROMS

    PAL 60 versions of games for my incoming Harmony cart would be a dream-come-true. I've always felt a little shafted as a PAL VCS gamer. The snoop mode sounds like an amazing idea if it turns out to be feasible. Failing that, I would officially make davyK my best PAL (see what I did there!?) ever if some other PAL 60 ROMs were to appear.
  13. Still not arrived in Blighty. Grrr! Can't wait.
  14. Not yet. I ordered a Harmony cart last week but until it arrives I can't test. Thanks for responding anyway.
  15. That's good news. I was only joking about 3.6 but it was a nice surprise to see that you gave an ETA. Thank you.
  16. Protector for me. I wasn't a huge fan when I first got it but boy is it addictive.
  17. I ordered a Harmony cart the other and eagerly await its arrival. This collection of yours is just the perfect icing on the cake! PAL Atari needs more love! Thanks for all your hard work - it really is appreciated.
  18. I extracted it with 7-Zip 9.`7 Beta and all was well. Thank you
  19. Thanks for the history lesson. It makes a lot more sense to me now. It'll be good when the new SDL is out and about - I think quite a few projects reliant on SDL will gain a lot in code streamlining and refinement. ...So, when is Stella 3.6 due out then? (j/k!)
  20. Heh. Just noticed two are coming to sunny Scotland. Cool to see there's some Atari love here.
  21. Cool! I knew you were intent on using Blargg in the future but I was unsure just why OGL 2 was used in the first place. I'm pretty ignorant with regards to OGL/SDL/DirectX but it's good to know that at least you know what you're talking about! It'll be good having Stella looking pretty on my wee netbook.
  22. I know this is probably a silly question but do you have a spare VCS to go with the games? My PAL one died a while back and I've been forced into emulation! It's driving me crazy but I really don't want to pay the silly maoney asked for on eBay? I know you're in NTSC land but that wouldn't bother me if the postage wasn't too bad...
  23. I've been playing around with 3.5 for a few days now and it's great that the 'ROM list' loading delay bug is gone. I have a question regarding the future implementation of the graphic filters. Is it remotely possible to make them compatible with earlier versions of OGL, at all? The reason I ask is that I love to use my netbook while traveling to play old console emulators but it only has support for OGL 1.4. It would be really nice if in future builds I could use the filters on my netbook as well as my home computer. Thanks for any info.
  24. Which Master System? I really like the first one. The second looks nice from a distance but looks a little cheap up close...
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