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  1. I don't know how I missed this! It looks really nice. Now I've got the perfect excuse to get an Atarivox when they're back in the store... PS: Thanks for the PAL60 version.
  2. You know, it's really quite disgusting what companies can get away with these days. Imagine if you bought a shirt from a retailer and one sleeve was a different colour and the buttons were mismatched... Pretty sure one would have recourse then. Why is it that a book printing company (a fairly established industry) can print something where one can't read some of the words and the colours are all wrong? Baffles me...
  3. PFL

    Doom Patrol

    Just came across this and it looks great! Sadly, I can't try the game out on my Harmony cart as my telly blew up on me a few weeks ago and my LCD hates the 2600... Still, going to try it out on Stella as soon as I can.
  4. I'd go with an adapter too. The Syzygy sticks are reportedly good but I wouldn't bother ordering from them. As Hyperboy says there are issues. My personal experience is that I got ripped off. I ordered a stick in June 2014. In July my order still wasn't processed so I emailed Curt who said the order was stuck and he would process it the following day... another month passed and nothing. I emailed again and got no reply. I emailed another 3 times. I even asked for a refund. Nothing. Bumped. Just a warning... The 2600-daptor II looks like the most versatile one though there are cheaper options.
  5. This is looking super good so far. I really can't wait to see it develop into a fully fleshed out game.
  6. I just use an old Panasonic 14" CRT. I've tried to play VCS games on an LCD screen but, for me, they just look awful and I've sometimes found some kind of lag between joystick and screen. One of the untouchable positives of the VCS is just how responsive the games are. To lose that immediacy because of a modern telly is just something I'm not willing to put up with. CRT tellys are easily found for free these days and small ones (like mine) don't really take up that much space. PS: This thread should've been a poll.
  7. It would be good if there was somewhere to buy reproduction posters from back then. Personally, I'd love one of these and one of the Beamrider ones too.
  8. So, Realsports Baseball is the earliest example so far? It's kind of strange to think that the console had been out for 4 or 5 years before the phrase was used in a console game... I wonder when the first example showed up in computer games...?
  9. I noticed this over on Pouet yesterday. To say I was impressed is an understatement. Thomas, does that mean we've lost you to the 1337 side of VCS coding now!?
  10. The Jim Heller interview linked to by Retro Rogue and the film World 1-1 are more interesting to me. It's not that I'm against entertainment in my movies it's just that I'm not really into fabrication and perpetuated 'myth' nonsense to build 'tension' in my documentaries. If it was a film with actors and a script, fair enough but this 'documentary' is built around fluff. I did enjoy it to a certain extent but that was only because I was already aware of the facts around the dump story and I could shrug off the silly stuff. If I had watched this to learn about a very famous incident in the history of games only to later find that it was built around guff I would've been a little miffed. It's a pity because there is a really compelling story in here and the film does have its moments. It's just that the documentary didn't make the most of them choosing to instead sell itself on something that every informed person knows to be nonsense... Bah, humbug! That's what I say!
  11. PFL

    PAL60 ROMS

    I would say if there's a link on the forum or shop page, then the ROMs would be legal to add to your collection. AA is a pretty upstanding and honest place. If someone had created or distributed a ROM that is questionable I'm pretty sure that it would be taken down. Nice work on gathering all these together though. I think it will be a useful resource for lots of PAL gamers and particularly handy for those new to the 2600 and/or the Harmony cart.
  12. PFL

    PAL60 ROMS

    Hey guys. I thought it was time to bump the thread (why isn't this stickied!?) with a request if anyone is interested in taking it on. I recently watched a Classic Game Room review of Aquaventure for the 2600. It was never properly released but was put out on the Atari Flashback 2+. It looks like a really nice game. Sadly, it seems to be NTSC as it only plays in black and white on my Harmony and CRT telly... So, anyone fancy looking at it? Slightly off topic: Who would one ask to sticky this thread? It's full of valuable info and links from all you guys and it's super useful for all us PAL gamers.
  13. I've only given the game a quick blast but it certainly looks really pretty. I'm having difficulty fighting some of the baddies. The ant has me stumped! I may have got stuck on one screen but I'm not sure and it may be user error. I'll play a bit more tonight just to confirm. The title screen is lovely too. I agree with you that the game cries out for one. The game has a nice premise and original characters. Anything that invites the player into this new world is a bonus, if you ask me. Good stuff so far and I can't wait to see where you go with it.
  14. I love the Vanguard ad but "The Fly" just has to be the perfect advert for the console and the era:
  15. Looking good. Love the idea of the toy soldiers too. Count me in for one if the special versions come up for sale here.
  16. No worries. It's my pleasure. I do really enjoy the programme and I appreciate having a good retro show from this side of the pond so it's nice to share my views with you. Best of luck in your future plans with it. PS: You should post in this thread at little more often about what is going on. That's what the other podcast guys seem to do...
  17. I liked the Sound Cloud link. Well done. Well, I've listened to a few shows and on the whole I've enjoyed them. The one thing that kind of grinds after a while though can be the sponsors and plugs. The one that got me most was episode 107. Over 9 minutes (!) at the very beginning and then a further 2 minutes talking about iTunes reviews and the forum. If this was the first show I'd listened to I think I might've given up! All that time with no real content and then asking for a review is asking for trouble! I know you have to pay money for hosting and that money comes from sponsorship and those sponsors deserve a shout out but perhaps you could shorten the section a bit or spread it out through the episode? Other than that, the only thing is that sometimes the sound levels are a bit wonky. Often the music is much louder than the spoken parts. Again, I understand. The electronic/chip music tends to be more cutting and comes from 'purer' sources while the talky parts are recorded from all different sources... It's a common issue on a lot of podcasts but, still, I think it bears mentioning. All in all, though, I'm glad you jarred me into listening to the past few episodes. The topics are varied and it's nice to hear different thoughts from a varied crew. I particularly like all the 8 bit computer talk. Old computers and their games are my thing (as opposed to consoles) so that's all good. If you're still reading (!), I have a suggestion. Would you consider a little segment specifically dedicated to new games for old systems? I know you often mention new games (Castlevania, Scramble 2015, Jim Bagley stuff!). It might just be nice to have a proper section though. There's a lot of new games on a weekly basis and there's very little 'specialised' coverage of new games on ANY podcast... It seems to me there's a lot of untapped content to be had there. Anyway, keep up the good work.
  18. I'm embarrassed to admit that while I'm subscribed on iTunes I haven't listened to it for the past few months. I've no reason not to listen. I just haven't got around to it! I'll listen to a couple over the next couple of days and let you know what I think. I'm British as well, so it should be a bit more appropriate for my sensibilities!
  19. I'd like to order a copy but I don't get paid until the middle of next month. Would that be okay with you?
  20. ^ That telly looks amazing! Was is colour or black and white?
  21. I know it's for charity but it's a shame that it's yet another game sold in limited numbers at a US event... Is there any talk of the game being made available to the rest of us, at all? Or is it just going to be a limited run?
  22. ^ Hmm. Yeah, I've allowed my mouse to be used in Stella. I did what you suggested and loaded up MC TB so as to copy the settings. Everything seems to match. I have the fire button working but no movement... I'm kinda perplexed. It's a bit frustrating as I actually use a Logitech trackball on my PC so I would actually get to play Centipede on a (virtual) 2600 with a real trackball - a dream come true (Yeah, I know, I'm not a big dreamer! ). If I can dig out my Atari trackball I'll give it a bash on the real hardware later... Anyone else having issues with this? Regardless of my situation, I just want to say thanks for putting this hack out there.
  23. HEy. I just tried the build on the other page in Stella. I went to game properties and chose CX80-Mouse as the controller. It didn't work though. I tried both 'ports' to be on the safe side. Please can someone tell me how to try out the trackball build of Centipede? Thanks, P:)
  24. ^ I pretty much agree with everything you said. Another thing for me that's rarely taken into account by this "Get new stuff, you're missing out" argument is that I love the old hardware more than the new stuff. Am I missing out? Not really. Like I said, I prefer the old hardware. I like joysticks and paddles. I like useful switches and keys on my system. I like cartridges and tapes! If I bought a PS4 and OxBone I would only be buying systems that I don't really want to use controllers that I don't really like in an enclosed 'ecosystem' that I sure as shit resent! Besides, when it comes to new games, there's rarely a day goes by without someone putting out a brand new title for the VCS, Vic 20, C64, Speccy or any number of old machines... I AM PLAYING NEW GAMES.
  25. Still happy to see that work continues unabated. Keep it up!
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