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    Nyantari 2600

    Thanks for the alternative link. I'm having some problems with Pouet just now...
  2. Best, undoubtedly, is the Vectrex. What a cool looking system - and it's all self-contained. Most consoles look nice until you start plugging things into them. Then they invariably become Franken-machines with bits hanging out everywhere... Worst, for me, would be the front-loading NES. A grey box which blinks at you is so uninspired... The toploader is pretty though.
  3. That is one sexy cap. I really wish I had a job now... Do you plan on selling these indefinitely or is it a limited run deal?
  4. Perhaps it could be uploaded to Youtube? Part one is already up there and it would be a nice 'preview' of the potential DVD release. I tried contacting Glenn himself to plead but I haven't been able to make any in-roads...
  5. Well, Curt put up a poll recently regarding a new console too. So maybe there'll be a third way...
  6. I've never played Circus in the arcade but the 2600 version is one of my all-time favourite games so I find it hard to imagine the arcade machine being better...
  7. ^ +1. I'm just desperate to see it in any fashion. I have been dying to see the second part for years. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  8. I prefer Galxaian on the 2600. Purely and simply due to investment of time. The Atari version feels like the 'proper' one to me. I also prefer the single base in Missile Command and I am choking to try the Trak Ball hack (it doesn't work in Stella. ). I found Breakout to be dull in the arcade whereas at home the game became a time sink.
  9. Share your thoughts when it arrives.
  10. I'm glad that bB exists. Anything that lowers the entry level barriers into coding for the 2600 is a boon in my opinion. If space is an issue the OP could get a Jr and do an AV mod or simply grab a cheap AV cable for the SNES. That seems far easier than to hope (vainly) that coders are going to spend tons more time learning and developing ASM just so that games can run on a glorified toy. The fact the FB2 can be hacked is cool but it shouldn't be seen as a full 2600 replacement... I hope this doesn't sound to ranty or patronising - that's not my intention. I'm just not sure why the OP is so stuck on a FB2...
  11. I vote you in as king, now where's my Vectrex? It's in the post! Now, I'll be around after Christmas to pick up my taxes - since it's the first year I'll only take 10% of annual income. Thanks, Your Royal Vecrtexness. To labour this topic a little further; HSW never said it couldn't be done. He actually said it couldn't be done well - that it would really bad... who's to say that this new version of Star Castle isn't bad? Who's actually played it to verify it's fun and playability?? Just my tuppence worth.
  12. I don't think the game looks that great TBH. It might be a technical marvel but it really doesn't suit the hardware that well. I'd rather someone put the same chops to work on a port of Galaga or another classic much more suited to the 2600. The Vectrex version is much cheaper, nicer and ubiquitous... Everyone should own a Vectrex anyway - If I was king I'd make it law!
  13. Sorry to hijack the thread but I was curious about Rom Hunter's set as well. Will 7.0 be split into PAL and NTSC versions? I try to play the PAL versions of games so that when I buy them and play them on my real hardware I don't get a shock at the colour changes... Oh, and I concur. Rom Hunter's work is pretty impressive and very accurate.
  14. Thank you for this. Have a great Christmas.
  15. PFL

    Heavy Sixer

    From the front the black bezel should be more curved than the lighter sixer. I reckon that's probably the easiest way to tell. Also, there really is no weight to a light sixer, at all. If there's any heft to yours it's a good pointer. There are a few vids on Youtube showing you what to look for.
  16. I wish we'd had that idea back in 1998. Considering how little Hasbro Interactive paid to pick it up from JTS ($5 million, I believe?), we probably could have found a way to pull together enough money! Well, if we wait for Infogrammes to go down the toilet maybe we could get a deal!? It would be cool if this place and Legacy became the official Atari though...
  17. It is a long time with no progress reports especially when it seemed so close to the finish line. I suppose it may come back from the brink... *crosses fingers - again!*
  18. Wow! It doesn't look like I'll ever get Once upon Atari. I was showing my girlfriend the website and she offered to buy it for me for my birthday (three days after Christmas). I went to the checkout full of glee, created an account and then *SMACK!* It was going to cost another $50 just to ship it to the UK - that's $80 in total! Oh well... what a bummer... I really thought I had it as well. Still, I'm getting the book so that's good.
  19. And me. I seems like a bizarre omission from the 2600 library...
  20. Boy, that's a lot of goodies! It's sp good to see continued development on these platforms. Sound on a ZX81!? Who-da thunk?
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