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  1. Digital Press is pretty good. It may not be Ninty specific but there are a lot of Ninty geeks there and it's a pretty civil place too.
  2. Just want to say thanks for this fine endeavour.
  3. I would love one of these (maybe 2 if you're willing to sell them). I love the Vic, I love Sega and I love shooters. Seems like a no-brainer!
  4. Any chance of protectors for Vectrex games?
  5. I suppose the closest you could get now would be something like an 'Indie' console designed in an open source manner for indie and homebrew games using SD tech for storage. Something like a GP2X but a home console version...
  6. Well, just thought I should say my one has never smelled of anything really. Maybe you've got a freak item?
  7. I didn't think I would be able to go to your event but it's looking like it's possible now. I have to confirm some stuff but if I can make it I would be able to bring a Vic 20 and Megacart and some other Vic stuff (Realms of Quest disk, Denial Collection 3 etc). I would also happily volunteer to help out. I'm not promising but I will be able to comfirm one way or another over the next couple of weeks.
  8. While I love pretty much every vector game out there I'd have to pick either Battlezone or Solar Quest. I don't think I could choose between them! Solar Quest, while simple in game-play terms, has a purity and smoothness that I just love. There's just something really satisfying flying that wee ship around the screen - you can pull off some really slick moves... Battlezone. Well, where do you start? Amazing atmosphere, a great sense of military desolation (to coin a phrase) and great controls. An obvious choice, perhaps, but it is a true classic. OT: Has anyone played Vector Tanks or the sequel on the iPhone? A stunning game by Peter Hirschberg.
  9. I received mine yesterday and I'm very happy with it. Thanks Barb!
  10. That was the world's fastest postage! Received with thanks.
  11. Hiya Richard. I see you have the Vecflash up for sale now. How do I order one? I couldn't see anything obvious on the web page. Cheers.
  12. Would you post to the UK and,if so, how much would that postage be?
  13. Yeah, it's the 7800 version. I dl'd it from this site presuming it to be an a78 file but it's actually a BIN. I tried renaming it but it didn't work...
  14. Very, very nice. Bought and paid for!
  15. ^ Is there no difference between this and the arcade game?
  16. ^ I tried that. Mess picks it up as it thinks it's an a78 file but it won't load it. The screen just goes black. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  17. Just bought an anniversary 7800 from Ax. Shipping's going to take a while though...
  18. I have been trying to get the Asteroids Deluxe ROM (downloaded from this site) to work in the MESS emulator but it doesn't recognise it. Presumably it is because it is a BIN file rather than an A78 file. Is there a way to play this game in MESS at all? Thanks in advance!
  19. The logo is in the final revision. Ooh, looking forward to seeing the final product...
  20. PFL

    AtariVox rev2

    No worries. I didn't mean to pressure you I was just showing interest in the product. In fact, I totally understand as I'm going through a very similar situation with the lack of employment and the sense of futility of it all while the bills pile up (blah, blah, blah). I hope everything works out for you and you can get yourself back on your feet again.
  21. PFL

    AtariVox rev2

    I'll definitely buy one. I may even stretch to two if I get a decent price for a couple of SNES games I'm selling.
  22. ^ If you remember the history of the Osborne 2 computer you'll know that John Osborne much preferred the Vectrex over the Coleco Adam...
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