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    PAL60 ROMS

    It's great to have a variant of one of my favourite games. Especially with the slightly nicer colours. Thanks for suggesting this AW and thanks to Bataais and Omegamatrix for doing the hard bit. This is a great thread...
  2. ^ Nice! Looking forward to Pro Football...
  3. I played this quite a bit last night. It really has a lot of potential. I, personally, would like to have the main character duck and have some enemies with projectiles that require avoidance. Regardless, I look forward to seeing the next release.
  4. Thank you very much. I didn't expect the victim to just stand there with his trousers round his knees though! Too cool. Slightly more seriously though, would it be possible to mix up the 'ouch' sound a bit? Even just a slight change in pitch now and again would help a lot.
  5. Maybe it's just me but I don't hear anything. I just presumed there was no sound...?
  6. ^ I'd like that too. I switch phosphor on for all the games I play. Is there a reason (legacy support etc) that it's default is 'off'?
  7. I wonder, is it possible to make the PAL background colours more closely match the NTSC colours? I know the PAL palette is more limited so I'm not sure if you can. Just thought I'd ask. PS: Fun game.
  8. Nice stuff. Looking forward to trying out the new build. Screw Pigs in Space - We've got Cows in Spaaaaaace!
  9. 132. I'd love to see a nut kicker variant with Atarivox oomphs and argghs!
  10. Makes me wish I was old enough to be able to sit up late in '77 listening to this while playing some Surround... Alas, I was only 5! Thanks for sharing. PS: Love the label - if only Led Zep had used that for Song Remains the Same. That would've been cool...
  11. PFL

    PAL60 ROMS

    Those differences in Phoenix sound intriguing. I'll have to fire up Stella and try both versions out. Phoenix is a really fun game so having two different versions is kind of cool. Just looking at the pictures above. The PAL version of Commando Raid is ugly as hell! Is that just lazy porting or are there technicalities that cause such issues? I mean the NTSC version looks really pretty so obviously had thought put into it. Us PAL folks really got short shrift here...
  12. I have an ignorant question. Why is this BIOS still in a beta state? Is it not stable yet, are other features being worked on, is it defunct now that there's a new Harmony cart out, or is it simply Real Life getting in the way?
  13. stephena, I wonder if it would be possible to add a little function to the ROM launcher? It would be great if one could mark favourite games (with an asterisk or bold text)? It would also be great if one could filter that list so that either all ROMs are shown or only favourites. Perhaps more filters like PAL or NTSC could be added too? Regardless, thank you for all your work on Stella and thanks for any reply.
  14. Having only just come across this game I'm glad you're still around and thinking of finishing it up. It's really fun and I enjoy it quite a bit. The only thing is that it seems that I have to close Stella after every game to start a new one. Is there another way? Pressing fire and hitting reset doesn't seem to do anything. I haven't tried it on my Harmony yet perhaps it 'works' better on the real metal? PS: I quite like the sad face. It reminds me of all those random things you'd find in old Vic 20 or Speccy games.
  15. This looks like fun. Thanks for sharing all you've done.
  16. PFL

    Jump VCS

    Is there a PAL version of this yet? If so, I'm definitely in for one.
  17. Good news that he's still around at least. Though I'm sure this game is long forgotten... Thanks for the upate.
  18. I care! Thank you so much for your continued attention to the ROM pack.
  19. You're welcome. Glad they're working for you.
  20. PFL


    Cool. I'm looking forward to trying the new build out later this evening.
  21. Have you considered adding a switch (or switching circuit) so that the stick could also be used as a two button controller (equivalent to 'B' and 'C' on a Mega Drive controller) on the 2600 too? I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd readily buy one for that feature.
  22. I had to get rid of most of my systems last year but I couldn't let go my beloved Vic 20 and my C64. I have managed to keep other computers (C16, Speccy, Electron and ST) though they are in my cupboard (space issues) and I tend to emulate them. I use my Vic and C64 on an almost daily basis but only for playing games. I long lost any programming know how and though I've always wanted to make music (especially on my Vic) I've never learned how... Makes me a little sad to 'say' that out loud! Still, at least my main machines are used regularly.
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