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  1. Darrell, do you plan on recording your talk or do you know if someone else will be recording it? I'd love to attend but I live in Scotland making it a bit of a trek!
  2. The Amiga is powerful, has plenty of RAM, is affordable (including a MIDI box), has lots of software and has stereo output. The Amiga 600 is also fairly portable compared to an ST.
  3. I'm not sure I get the reason for recommending the Flashback thingies other than the sheer volume of games. For the same cost you could easily enough pick up a 2600 Jr and a handful of common carts. And then you'd have the real experience as opposed to an emu in a box... Emulation through Stella is without a doubt excellent but it is still not the same as the real hardware. Booting up an emulator on you PC and using function keys is not the same as hooking up a console to your telly and having to lean over to hit the reset button on a console to start your game. And that telly connection and leaning motion is very much a part of enjoying that 70's experience.
  4. This is such a great port. It really is hard to believe that this is possible on the humble VCS. If it ever makes it to a cart release I'm definitely in for one! Between this, PR (the game that cannot speak its name), DIN's new Pacman and his potential new M Bros game it's really great to see all these classics get the ports the VCS deserves.
  5. Yeah, sure. They won't remove yellowing from, say, a SNES or Amiga (that takes Retr0brite) but they're certainly gentle enough not to ruin the finishes of anything I've ever used them on. You can even use them to remove thermal paste on PC CPUs if you need to change the cooler in your desktop PC. Just remember that they're wet so let the system dry properly before switching back on!
  6. Yeah, a baby's bum is a good litmus test for any cleaning product.
  7. I really like the Mr Do! games on most platforms. Mr Do's Castle on VCS is just a little too finicky for me though. If it was tweaked just a little bit to make it less fussy. I've really tried to get into it but the 'precision' required takes out some of the flow for me though... However, since your drink and drug addled brain is recommending it I might just give it another try!
  8. Powerglove on the C64 is great fun. I'll be keeping a close an eye on this thread in the hopes of seeing something for the VCS come to fruition. Good luck finding a collaborator. EDIT: PS: I just bought the PC version too from itchio to show my appreciation... and if it ever ends up on a cart for the 2600 I'll buy that too!
  9. ^ You could at least say please.
  10. Being into games and playing the 2600 is akin to being into movies and watching silent movies or early talkies. Your interest takes you back to the beginning and it's intriguing. That's not to say it's fun though. If you haven't grown up with these things it can take a little time to develop a true understanding and appreciation of what you're seeing. Once you have that appreciation that's when the fun comes. There are some truly amazing feats of programming and artistry on the 2600. I'd say it's worth picking up a cheap 2600 and a bunch of games. Then take some time to learn to love it. If you're really interested in where your hobby began I don't think you'll regret it. And even if you do, you can always just sell it again on Ebay for the price you paid for it.
  11. I use baby wipes. If it's really dirty and you need to get into the vents to get the gunk out I'd open up the 2600 and take the guts out then wash it in the sink along with the dishes...
  12. I thinking about all the wonderful homebrew games that come out for the VCS and it got me thinking about all the game cart releases that I missed. I was also thinking of the recent Princess Rescue and (especially) Boulder Dash releases. Thanks to Sprybug people can still play Princess Rescue through emulation or on a Harmony cart. Sadly, though, people will never be able to play Boulder dash in such a fashion... So, my question is this: Are there other homebrew games released (on cart or ROM file) that one can no longer obtain? I'm sure there must be more than just Boulder Dash... What gems have I missed over the years?
  13. Me too. Would someone mind giving some things that go on? I'm curious too.
  14. Will there be a PAL version too? Not sure if you ever did a PAL Endless Snow...
  15. PFL


    Cool. Have you thought about adding bonus stages to break up the game a little? Something like Galactopus dropping just the enregy thingies with a multiplier on each consecutive bit collected, resetting if you miss one... that kind of thing? A couple of variations like that would make a huge difference I think.
  16. ;You can just report it as a pirate Ebay will stop it right away. Also, I'm really glad to see the game is in the last phases of being made. I'd actually just presumed it wasn't happening anymore. Is there a list of pre-orders anywhere? I asked about being put down for a limited edition but that was years ago! Boy, does time fly.
  17. PFL


    I've been offline for a couple of days so it was nice to see a nice new build. Lookinf forward to trying it out.
  18. ^ Nice. I kinda like the idea of the strip being a little wider and running down a shirt. Not down the centre of the shirt but off to the side. A sillouette of Yar being 'cut' out of it around the breast area would be pretty cool with your Army of 2600 logo printed on the back... Just my little brainstorm.
  19. I hate being forced into any of these 'ecosystems'. Paying someone hard cash to be held hostage to their whims? That's never a great way to start a relationship... I have an iTunes account but a few years ago my iPhone crashed and I lost a lot of audio books but due to licensing conditions I couldn't re-download them and was expected to buy them again defeating the perceived benefit of buying into that particular ecosystem. I haven't bought anything at all since. It completely sickened me. As far as gaming goes, I will not buy any modern console. I like to keep what I buy. Today it's almost treated like a rental situation. The Wii was the last console I bought and after a few years I've already lost a ton of functionality of the system and games... Never again.
  20. Officially my favourite AO2600 track. Awesome stuff.
  21. I first saw the video a while ago and I enjoy it along with most of your other stuff but following on from godzillajoe's thoughts I'd be really interested to see what you could do if did some more stuff with some groove to it... mixing it up a bit helps keep it fresh. That's just my worthless opinion too.
  22. ^ Cool beans! I'll have to dig out my trak-ball now! Bonus choice of arcade translation: Centipede. (Definitely no track ball hack if that one! )
  23. PFL

    2600 Haiku

    They attack at night. Remorseless, relentless doom. The heart beats faster...
  24. In today's common interwebs parlance: +1.
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