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  1. Welcome to the club. The 2600 is a truly special machine with some fantastic games... and the new homebrews are mind boggling! The folk around here aren't too bad either.
  2. I suppose an obvious image would be of Yar. It's pretty iconic for the 2600. I, personally, like Pacman (it's history and notoriety can't be denied!). The little guy made of squares screams 2600 to me. The 2600 Space Invaders are also pretty cool. I see lots of desktop wallpapers or Deviant Art pictures with the word Atari on them but showing the Taito arcade Space Invaders... that drives me mental!
  3. Great to see you have plans to work on this again. I really like your Pacman too but there are a few ports to choose from these days (we're spoiled!). This game... not too many. I'd love to see a version with the cut-scenes. There aren't many versions on any system that has them and it would be lovely to see them on the lowly 2600.
  4. I like the ones that aren't straight ports but have that Atari flavour. Space Invaders, Missile Command (still wish it was possible to make a proper trackball hack though!), Galaxian and (dun, dun, duuun!) Pacman are some of my favourites. The ports aren't the same as their arcade brethren but there's no doubt what games they're representing. I like that.
  5. After a recent clear out (for space reasons) I only own around a dozen games now all of them releases from the past few years. I just use my Harmony for the classic stuff. I do miss seeing loads of 2600 carts piled up against the wall though (a la General Mike) ... There's something mesmerising about looking at a wall full of 2600 carts for me. It's my modern art I suppose!
  6. PFL


    Just thought I'd let you know I think there's a bug with the hit detection. If you fire two shots in quick succession the second 'hit' seems to go straight through Galactopus and doesn't count as a hit. PS: Still having fun.
  7. Oops! I've never been the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. Thank you.
  8. I just tried out the latest build above on my PAL 2600 jr and Harmony but the game seems to freeze after I hit the fire button. I chose PAL in the main screen...
  9. PFL


    Thanks for the upload. I'll try it out after tea for you. As far as the PAL conversion thingy goes, lots of people say it's really easy to do. Like you say, normally it's just a matter of changing colour values. Here's a link to a thread all about PAL 60 ROM conversions: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/193459-pal60-roms/ Perhaps there's something of use to you in the thread. I'm giving you the link to harass you into doing a PAL version. Just thought you might like it.
  10. Cool beans. This is just getting cooler and cooler. Thanks for bringing this to the wee 2600.
  11. PFL


    I stuck the new build on my Harmony and it's really enjoyable. I'm in PAL land and perhaps that's causing me a problem (other than colours). When I progressed to the next 'level' where there are the two barriers protecting the Galactopus the screen jumps a few scanlines every so often. Like I say, it could be a PAL issue though. Would you consider doing a PAL 60 version, at all? I've no idea if this is even possible but I have a suggestion. A starfield in the background. Preferably a scrolling starfield. It would make a huge difference to the sense of dynamics in the game.
  12. CDS, This looks great! I wish you all the best in trying to make this into an 8k game. *crosses fingers*
  13. My inner Donkey Kong is, indeed, dancing! \m/(~.~)\m/
  14. PFL

    WIP - Grumpy Cat

    Kind of. Except the game sessions last a little longer!
  15. If it was me (and I could code!) I'd expand it. I'm not that precious about ROM size constraints. 2k's fine as an intellectual exercise but these days it doesn't really make any difference whether it's 2, 4, 8, 16 or even 32k in any real world sense... Especially if it's just staying in ROM format and just going on a Harmony cart. I say, if you've got it, flaunt it!
  16. I just tried it out on my Harmony and 2600 Jr and it played fine. PS: Please continue work on this. It's a nice concept but it needs some polish.
  17. PFL


    I just tried this out and I really enjoy it so far. I pretty much agree with what others have said. There's a lot of potential for a really cool game here. Looking forward to seeing what you add.
  18. PFL

    WIP - Grumpy Cat

    Thanks for the update and final release. Grumpy Cat has a new home on my Harmony.
  19. Just wanted to echo johncl's sentiment. I love my 2600 but I wouldn't know where to begin coding for it. That doesn't mean I can't appreciate the skills and work that go into projects like this (I've read Racing the Beam ). Amazing stuff guys (on both new ports). Now if you could just do the same for Mario Bros (cut scenes and the like) that would be great, thanks. I'll even give you a cookie! Seriously though, great stuff.
  20. PFL

    PAL60 ROMS

    I just tried out Mr Do! and I'm loving it. To be honest, I didn't even know there was a 2600 version of the game at all so getting to play it first time at 60 Hz is great! I also just wanted to echo Gurners sentiment and say thank you guys for all these conversions. I really appreciate it.
  21. Hey General. Great to see you're alive and well! I'm off to work now but I'll be checking out the new tunes on your Soundcloud page.
  22. I was chatting to a friend today telling them all about the saga of this game and how now it's being tweaked so as not offend the big N. My friend quipped that the game would be back from the dead after it's previously short life. I thought that if, neotokeo2001, you decide to use the Zombie Princess name a nice tagline would be that: "Zombie Princess... Back from the dead." Whatcha think?
  23. Feel free to use it. I love that end screen. Should be on a shirt!
  24. "Zombie Princess" is looking great! Looking forward to getting my undead hands on it! Grrr, arrgghh!
  25. Hey. I've actually already got the CD. I only just missed out on the shirt offer last time so I wouldn't mind getting one this time round if you do decide to do it again. It's a little disconcerting that he's disappeared the way he has. I mean actually going to the bother of closing down all obvious links to himself obviously means he's gone AWOL deliberately. I only hope it's for good reasons and that he's okay. He seems like a really nice guy... Good luck in trying to find him. I'm going to keep my eyes open in case he reappears. I like what he was doing...
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