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  1. You are keeping yourself very busy..thats great...I always look foward to what you have in mind for possible future 2600 homebrew releases Paulie
  2. Atari2600land, This games is definitely coming out real sweet..this is the first time I`ve played it since the end of december.. Looking forward to a full cart release one day Paulie
  3. I like the concept... how frets are being used ? maybe a direction on the joystick can be used for each fret.. like the top fret is `up`, 2nd is `left`, 3rd is `right` and 4th is `down` Paulie
  4. yes, who will step up to the plate
  5. atari2600land. here`s a quick Title i put together..its nothing special
  6. the only flickering i saw on this one is at the walls...
  7. Atari2600land, THis was a very addictive game for the C64 and Amiga 500, when i used to play it.. would be sweet to see this released one day for the good old 2600 How many levels do you think you can do with it ?? Paulie
  8. Atari2600land.. Hey, You should do how many titles you wish to do... i`m at work, but I`ll run this on the Z26 when i get home .. Need a fancy title screen?? what would be the max sprite width and length for such a title ?? paulie
  9. game is much better with the wider castle room..and level 4 is great. makes it so much harder with the upwind effect.. but i lost all my lives just on one screen,.if the player gets hit by the first of 3 birds, he loses a life, but the player still remains in the lost life position and the birds still continue in thier general path..the player has no time to move, hence another life lost, and by the time, the last of the 3 birds crosses the players path, 3 or maybe 4 lives are lost..frustrating, but interesting. We do not want to make the game too easy..it needs re-play factor.. It looks great... continue the awesome work.. I definitely need to learn programming for the 2600...but i would probably need my hand held learning this I have so many ideas in my head for games..only if i knew programming and its limits.. Happy New Year to everyone here once again, PAulie
  10. quick Title screen i made enjoy
  11. ahhhhhhh... i`ll have to check this out, once i find the free time...
  12. Funny you post this..i was working on a Title Sprite for this game... small world I think its possible... this was a great game for other systems Paulie
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