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  1. This week I felt like getting some wholesome family friendly games. You know, stuff the whole family could play. So when deciding where to look, it occured to me that theres no better place to look than a flea market.....a church flea market. Does it get more family friendly than that? Well, I'm an atheist so I really wouldn't know. But there was a nearby church that had a flea market advertised in the local pennysaver so I decided to jaunt down there. Upon arrival, I saw alot of common but worthless titles. Don't get me wrong, Sonic 2 and SMB 2 are great games, but they aren't exactly rare. And I have a wife, girlfriend, mistress, and 14.2 kids to feed so I needed something with alittle more value proposition. And thats when I came across Pastor Pete's table.Pastor Pete was a young soft spoken gentleman that I desperately wanted to call Paste Pot Pete(of Spider-Man fame) but I figured that would be disrespectful so I kept that to myself. Along with little trinkets and toys, he had a basket of games that I searched thru. He had a few decent Nes, Snes and Genesis games marked at $1.00 so I snatched those up. Then I noticed that behind him on the floor was a box marked "adult". I normally wouldn't have even cared about a pastor's porn stash but sticking out of it was what appeared to be a Famicom vhs style import game. I asked about the box and he cautiously put it on the table behind his other stuff. I suppose that was a hint that he didn't want other patrons to see it but at this point in time I was the only one at his table. As I searched thru the mature(none were really adult) titles I noticed that they were all imports. I inquired where he got them from and he told me that they were acquired over the years as part of his gaming collection that he had to recently give up for his newly chosen profession. As weird as it was to imagine a pastor or priest playing games online, I could totally see him owning someone in Doom.I asked how much for the entire box of mature games and he gave me a baffled look. I told him I was a game collector and wanted to add this stuff to my collection. He then warned me to be careful because adult games can lead down the path of damnation. I then informed him that damnation was a place called Roanoke Virginia, and although very disorientating, you can eventually find your way back home. His smirk assured me that he trusted that I wasn't going to suddenly become blinded with lust over pixelated boobies......whatever that means. Although I thought it strange to find so many imports at a church flea market, I thought it stranger that a pastor would be the one selling them as opposed to all the other vendors there. But after I took them off his hands we began talking about gaming in general and he told me about his hardcore gaming days from the early 90's until a fews years before he started training to be a pastor. I thought this was such an uncanny occurance , as a man of the cloth and a man of the controller were comparing gaming stories. Plus, that sounds much more interesting than saying I bought them from an online dealer.Yes bitches, I'm back. It's been awhile but your boy has been hella busy with work, selling stuff, leisure activities and some weird thing that people like to call a "social life". I'm going to be selling most of the stuff from this entry once I sort it out. It will go up on either my sellers thread(on DP) or ebay. I also pretty much finished up my Xbox demo collection but I'll have more on that next time. Speaking of which, I'm not making any promises as to how often I'll be updating this blog again. Just cross your fingers and pray to me.
  2. Collection completed. Lock it up.
  3. You know, I'm not exactly sure what it means either. But if nothing else it's a very cool title. But no one really reads this blog so it doesn't really matter. So let's see, I still haven't been keeping up with my post. I think part of that is because not that much exciting news has been happening around the video game world and I have been purchasing less stuff to save up for my next car. While I'm sure I could just start posting random shit every other day, I'd rather each post have some sort of meaning.....like that meaningless title up there. I did pick up a few things today in my travels: Monster Madness(360) $4.97 Jampack Vol. 15(PS2) 75 cents Star Wars TBM dvd $4.00 LOTM Promo cd $3.00 TNA Knocked Out dvd $15.00 Speed Racer $13.98 Memory Card Adapter(PS3) $3.74 Monster Madness and Jampack 15 were both from Sears. Despite Jampack only costing 75 cents the clerk actually tried to sell me an extended two year warranty for 11 cents. After I told him that extended warranties were rarely ever needed for games, I reminded him that this was a clearance game that they didn't have any more copies of. He went on about how I could use the purchase price towards something else and I told him getting 75 cents(if the game broke down) off my my next $20-40 purchase wouldn't be worth it. I think the final thing he said was I could get 15% off my next purchase if something happened to the game but I kind of tuned out by that point. That might not have been a bad deal if I was planning on a mulitple hundred dollar purchase, but I'm not 100% certain if thats what he meant. Speed Racer was finally cheap enough(new) where I could take the risk of buying it. If it's anything like the movie it's going to super suck. But I'll keep my eyes on the clearance section in case it drops lower. Then I can get the price difference. The PS3 memory card adapter is something that has been clearanced by pretty much every place that use to sell it. It's pretty worthless now(especially considering you can no longer buy backwards compatible PS3's at retail) but in a few years these will be highly sought after. With the way the PS3's price point is going I'm not sure if I'll ever own one, atleast not in the next 3-5 years. The Star Wars Trilogy dvd was a nice bonus I found at Goodwill. I don't own the original trilogy dvd set so this was one of the only ways I could have aquired this disc. And it apparently has a feature on Star Wars games so I'll be checking it out soon. The other surprise was the Last of The Mohicans promo cd. It's a single but it has my favorite song(which got cut out from the movie during the transfer from vhs to dvd) from that movie. And then theres the newest TNA knockout dvd. I just watched the first one and found it meh, but I got it for $5 so it wasn't a bad price. I still haven't had much luck in finding a place to condense my gaming and life blogs into one. Maybe I should just keep it this way. Because I'm not into the social networking scene my options remain fairly limited. Speaking of limited time, the new Halo 3 Mythic map pack should be launching any hour now as I write this in the wee early hours of April 9. I still haven't decided if I wanted to get now or wait a bit. I have so much other stuff to play. Perhaps I'll wait. But then again.....I've never been much of a patient man.
  4. The king is back. Thats a pretty good opening line I guess. Today's entry is triple titled for various reasons. Lets start with the imports. Unreal Tournament 3(360) The Wild Rings(Xbox) Xbox-ism Spring 2004(Xbox) Tondemo Crisis(PS1) Super Mahjong 4(3DO) Nice Body(3DO) These are my recent import finds(except UT3) and they are for a nice assortment of systems. Despite being completely mesmerized by my 360 I still collect for my original Xbox. And PS1 imports are what got me started playing import games in the first place. The 3DO is region free so theres no reason not to play import games on it, even if they have.....um, questionable titles As for the pwnage, I was recently called out on DP for a bunch of make believe bull shit by forum troll theshawn, who's also on these boards at AA. He came with his weak ass argument and I preceeded to pwn and embarrass him so badly that he ran to the mods. When has a grown man ever ran to mods to save them for a fight they started? He obviously isn't much of a man. You can see the whole ass beating here. And here is the achievement I received when I pwned him: I had that in my signature over there. He made fake threats like he was going to do something about it but the only thing he did was cry to the mods like the little bitch that he is. I even called that when he got pwned in the thread. But it's not like forum trolls are unpredictable. And now we come to our "reading" section. I picked all of this stuff up today: Guinness World Records 2009: Gamers Edition Halo: The Cole Protocol Starcraft(N64) I got last years version of the GWRGE so I decided to get this years too(despite the $2 price increase over last years). They make for fun informative interesting reads. The Cole Protocol is my sixth Halo novel. I have read the first four but still haven't gotten around to reading Contact Harvest, the fifth book. Plus, this book has been really hard to find. I've searched several Barnes and Novels and all of them were sold out. I got lucky when I went to Borders today. As for Starcraft, I grabbed that when I saw it at a game store I frequent, mainly because it was at a good price. I also picked up another 3DO last week(the third one I've found in the wild) but it's going to be heading to ebay soon. If yall haven't had a chance to watch the Ultimate Gamer on Sci-fi on Tuesday nights, make sure you do. It's a very good show, filled with drama, betrayals and most importantly--gaming. Speaking of gaming, I'm enjoying the next gen very much on my 360 and Wii, but mostly on my 360. It took awhile for me to get here but I'm so glad I did, especially since the 360 has finally worked the majority of it's hardware problems out with it's new Jasper board. Hopefully the next gen doesn't come for atleast another three years.
  5. So much for sticking to my word about having atleast two entries a week. But my last one was another great one. On occassions like that, it's really hard to top. And this entry is pretty much just a tweener for my upcoming import entry. I've actually been searching online for a place where I can combine both my gaming blog(posted here) and my non-gaming blog. I would post the non-gaming one here but this really isn't the demographic for it. When people try to put their life blogs on game sites they usually end up failing miserably. I'm sure it could be done but I'm not in the mood to do it yet. I just started a clearance sale where I will take offers on everything. And I'm going to try and accept atleast 70% of all offers made. Why? You have no idea how much stuff is cluttering up here. I need a new house just to store my extra wares. And I'm going to eventually start a new selling thread with all new items for sale. But I figured adding them to the six page thread I have now would be mostly pointless as many people tend to ignore things they have seen more than a few times. There is a possibility that the majority of items won't get offers at all and in that case I'll just have a 99 cent ebay sale or something similar. I probably should sell them on craigs list since they are always cheap there. Max Payne 3 was announced yesterday. I broke the story over DP and I'm very excited for this new title. However, it's not being made by Remedy(makers of Max Payne 1 and 2). They are still working on the long in production Alan Wake(which was suppose to come out in 2007). This new Max Payne game will be made by the Bully crew. I've never played that game so I really can't say much about the creators. I just hope they don't screw this up like the director and producers screwed up the MP movie. Speaking of movies, I heard the new Street Fighter movie sucked balls. Was there ever any doubt? The new Dragon Ball movie looks like it's going to be extra sucky. Those who go see that in the theaters obviously have a high tolerance for pain. So it looks like not making a Halo movie was a good idea after all. As for Halo 3, I have 1200 of it's 1750 achievements. So obviously I want to get the new Mythic map pack when it releases April 9 with all new achievements and skulls to find. It was such a brilliant move by Microsoft adding achievements to every game.......I hate them so much for doing it. I get so obsessed over those things. On a final note, I'm going to throw a shout out to the sci fi channels all new Ultimate Gamer reality tv show. Is it great? No, but it's fairly entertaining and most importantly--it's about gamers. They even have several minorities represented, something that the majority of reality tv shows can't say beyond the token "this" contestant. It only has another few weeks to air so catch it Tuesday nights(like tonight) if you can. And now back to the cave.
  6. I just read all your forum rules and guidelines and didn't see anything about not being allowed to bump your thread "once" a day. Perhaps yall should add it in there if you are going to enforce it.
  7. What the hell? I finally have 4 controllers. It's about damn time.
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