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  1. R6502A


  2. Awesome! You've got to love the colour tweaking possibilities of the Atari.
  3. Why not run Altirra 2.10 using wine? The debugger is excellent and allows source level debugging.
  4. I guess you are referring to Atari's recent battles with the emulation/classic gaming market/community...there again i don't think sega are anywhere near as stupid as Atari made themselves out to be (i.e i can't see them going after a homebrew programmer just because they did a conversion of one of their oldie coin op games) After all i have'nt heard tecmo (or at least i think it was tecmo) hitting tezz or vega etc with legal action over Bomb Jack (bomb jake) Are you thinking of hacking out SH2 for the A8 then Sheddy It's Tehkan
  5. I like it a lot but it does highlight the saturation weaknesses of the Atari and the lack of reds. There are too many green/blues in the Atari pallet.
  6. FujiBoink! (1986) by Xanth on Atari 8-bit - YouTube Back in the day I always thought this was a good demo.
  7. Hi Jac!, http://www.wudsn.com/update doesn't seem to be a valid address in the Eclipse available software. Has anything changed there?
  8. Such a book would have to be written by a kid from the Playstation 3 / XBox 360 / Wii generation to avoid any fanboy bias. :-)
  9. I have just realised that I should not be contributing to this incorrectly titled thread.
  10. Quite so. Investigation of this issue led me to Stephen Fry's forum (the overwhelming concensus being in favour of "aitch", BTW). While both pronunciations may be technically acceptable, only one is awful. LOL! Is it sad that when I hear someone say 'haitch' my opinion of their intelligence level takes a complete nose dive?
  11. Agreed! Some ignorant people in the UK do use the argument that it's haitch because it has an 'H' sound. My retort is: would you pronounce the letter 'W' as wouble-wu?
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