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  1. Well, the enemies would have to be positioned the same so that none of the players would have an advantage. I guess the maze is mirrored already. Another question: is there any room for another sprite?
  2. Reminds me of that miracle 32 in 1 cartridge that had screwed up "NTSC" games not even with wrong colors but unstable display as well! Officially released by Atari bundled with the system!
  3. It would be even better if it was a CRT thing... which I suppose isn't.
  4. Seems to me as America was kinda ahead of Europe as for what people considered to be the right amount of money to spent on a home computer. For instance the C-64 mentioned above - its disk drive unit was not that common in Europe as behind the waters, yet its cost was perhaps more than the C-64 system on its own!!! More or less I think it was mainly the C-64 that took away the market share of Atari (2600)...
  5. Wow, that train game looks fantastic. Very nice use of all those "Activision effects".
  6. It is a pity there are those timing problems with different TIA chips. Even games like Actionauts have these kind of issues. But always remember, it can be fixed in software and there are people over here capable of that. Many games have already been fixed for my Junior for example.
  7. Not really true when compared to the rubber ZX Spectrum... http://i.imgur.com/qrUnunj.jpg
  8. maiki

    RetroN 77

    I bet their products don't even output the correct video modes as the original hardware. There are probably just those legacy interlaced modes found on PC cards with composite output. And of course with that HDMI nonsence, there will be huge lag. So what you get: incorrect video, delay.
  9. maiki

    Need New Joysticks

    I am sorry to say that, but any joysticks based on micro switches are absolutely useless for home playing because of the noise they produce.
  10. When I got my Harmony cartridge back in 2013 I had to look for a micro SD card and the cheapest and smallest one on the market was a 2 GB Transcend so I got that. But the thing is that the collection of ROMs I have is 3.2 MBs so a micro SD card of around 5 to 10 MBs capacity is just what I would need really. But I doubt such a micro SD card even exists.
  11. Placing them to the back makes no sence. So many times you run into issues because so many games use them for various reasons. If they could make it with 4 of them on top, for sure they could have gone with 6 as well and with one board.
  12. I don't know but Fatal Run (PAL version) seemed to me like a totally unfinished beta to me. I think Omegamatrix had to fix the scanlines in that ROM to display properly on standard PAL TV. So, if there was an official full version of this game, and if it had these issues, no proper retail version ever existed then...
  13. I do mind when people put background music to You tube videos so I am really glad the company has at least that copyright "protection" that surely eliminates the number of background noise at least in some video channels...
  14. I would be really careful about claims like "reaching 90s". I am quite sure there was hardly any interest in 2600 in early 90s. Of course you could argue they offered it in catalogues and things like that but I wouldn't be surprised if demand was significantly lower than it is nowadays.
  15. Yes, here we go. No more RGB in TVs. And the fun begins! Once those LCD TVs get rid of analogue inputs, I am sure someone will come over here with a thread designing HDMI daughterboard. Bet it is going to happen. And it is all wrong. Atari 2600 was never ever intended to be RGB. It is precisely RF + CRT. If you want something different, use different hardware. But why do you need to butcher existing 2600 risking shortening its potential life with improper design changes is beyond me.
  16. I am going to change the label as well. Since I dropped my micro SD inside, there has been no label on my Harmony...
  17. I think it's in the game itself. Change the difficulty switch! BTW The PAL-60 fix by Omegamatrix works on PAL 2600 Jr and CRT TVs. Absolutely no issues.
  18. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/218240-fixed-games-for-your-2600-jr-pal-esp-later-model/?do=findComment&comment=2859921
  19. I have always had a dream of having that Video Game System advertized in West German catalogues even in early 90s. Now I have one. With Harmony Cartridge. For years. What the hell are they trying to convince me to? A hardly a working of at least dozens of emulators of 2600? Are you serious? I have the REAL ATARI 2600, I have the REAL phosphorescent CRT TV (yes even your IPS / LCD display and even with "Advanced SUCKS display emulation" sucks compared to real old school CRT). I have the Harmony. What the hell are you doing here? The world needs to get rid of PHI/ALES. No matter if they are audio*phales or console ALES... anyway I can see the biggest dangers on those PVM phales... absolutely gorgeous if your read after them... Sony PVM... we have been waiting for you IDIOTS to come to save the 15 khZ world for us for sure... IDIOTS...
  20. Is this a new game or just a graphical update of Galactopus? That is a great game indeed.
  21. It is going to be funny when it comes out that those AV (RGB) mods cause damage to 2600 in long term...
  22. A year ago I was recommended a cheap USB TV analogue tuner sold on Ebay over here and it works very well for capturing Atari 2600 games provided you use capable software like Virtual dub. There is no more noise than standard CRT TV if connected directly from console to USB even via splitter.
  23. What makes you think it is the CPU and nothing else? I am just curious...
  24. I am not an expert but it seems there is something wrong with the console itself (capacitors?...).
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