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  1. Above deal fell through due to my negligence, so still available i suppose.
  2. Hi Atari age, I'm selling a rare unit i came into awhile ago. I got lazy and never really sold it, so i am now. I made a DP thread inquiring about what it was awhile back: http://www.digitpres...it-kit-Any-help It is an original Xbox Development Kit, which was used to develop games during the Xbox's life cycle. I don't know much about it, but it does power up! It uses standard Xbox AV and power cables. Regular controllers work fine. According to this site:http://www.llamma.com/xbox/xbox_developer_kit.htm, "As I recall from some random readings of various message boards it was something like $10K USD and a maximum of only two are sold a company." Not sure how true this is. The unit is in basically good condition, never been opened up, minimal scratches on the bottom. The biggest issue is the top of the case seems to have run into a few problems, as there is a portion that is either heavily scratched or melted. You can see this pictured below. Also, here's some pictures of the stock software it comes with. Mostly test programs. http://imgur.com/a/NOo3r Comes with the console only. I'm asking 200 dollars + shipping, what it was price checked at. I got an offer of 260, but they flaked off after a week unfortunately. Thanks for reading! EDIT: SOLD FOR 200
  3. Hi, i remember how awesome this forum was, so i returned, yay! SO i got some recent finds i think are pretty good Commodore 64 with disk drive, joystick, and some random modern computer junk in the box - 8 Extreme Green Gameboy pocket - 20 25 or so genesis games, pretty good ones like the strider series - around 26 i think Dirty master system in box, looks liek someone spilled coffee of the box :L - 15
  4. Can i get a picture on the game doctor? Any price change on that going to happen?
  5. /hi! i used to come here a year ago, and just recently decided to come back. I am seeling the ites listed here, feel free to offer Thanks! Nes: Smb/DH/WcTM Tetris Super Mario 2 a Door-less nes. a super joy 3 2 nes with refurbished 72 pin, can include hookups Snes: Super mario world Sega: Sonic 1 not for resale Streets of rage 2 Atari: Atari 7800 with everything included. Atari flashback 2 Astroids (no endlable) Missile command (torn lable) Warlords Donkey kong X 2 Jungle hunt ET Defender X 2 Pac man X 2 Spider man pole position II Frogger no label
  6. I guess i'm going to just play it, because it is not likely i going to make much off of it, it goes for 12.99 shipped on ebay....
  7. Everquest Platinum, which is the Classic Everquest with the first 7 Expanision packs. How much would you pay sealed? unsealed? is it a good game?
  8. i have a thing called a wonder boy adapter... is it like this? it looks just like this, but grey and more square.
  9. i have one, door is busted, semi ok condition.
  10. where i come from, 9 is a great time, otherwise people are not set up.
  11. 7800 with: 2 prolines pwr brick boxed home run: 10$ intellivision: space amendra boxing intellivoice 11$ atari 5200 with: poor condition console (REALLY POOR) 2 controllers, both half working pac man + manual pitfall+ manual galexian + man some other game pwr supply switch box thingy (its 4 port) owners manual + other system doucments : 5$
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