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  1. I've pretty much got Work item #3 covered
  2. Controller works great. Pressing the rf button on bottom twice is magic in Raiden
  3. Ok, thanks. Shipping was fast btw! Will test it out later this evening on some Raiden.
  4. Got my 2nd rf controller in yesterday! Thanks again Which rev is the board on this one?
  5. Great, can't wait to test this out! Hopefully no more split segments into 5 minute chunks.
  6. Red choice looks best to me. Black was a 2nd choice but blends into the background too much imo.
  7. Took the survey, went for the combo on q1 and day 1 purchase for q2
  8. Awesome, I'd buy the soundtrack and a reprint game CD for sure, even though I have multiple originals. Just for support
  9. Nice to see your name again Still have your quote at the top of the list on my Profile page. Hope you stick around for a while. Heard you sold all your kiosks which is damn depressing, that setup was legendary. Stay well.
  10. This is great news. Been a few years since I encoded a movie but iirc, @ovalbugmann posted having to 'slice' 5 minute movie segments into RAW chunks then chain them together for the final movie. Here, I think. Anyway, this would be epic to have fixed. Great find
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