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  1. Got these in today! Spidex #1 and NTSC version of Wormhole 2000. Time to fire this up
  2. Just got my reauthorization email too. Paid in full
  3. Switched browsers, all good 😛 Apparently, no payment due at this moment. Will be watching for when it is due
  4. Trying to login to pay for this and get this screen from the link in the email: [image removed] Been getting this screen from the more direct link posted in the thread years ago for the last 6 months: [image removed] Need to pay within the next 18 or so hours! SainT can you help? [SainT -- removed images as they contained login details!]
  5. Just wondering if anyone can verify that it works correctly. I've heard it shouldn't matter but wanted to ask. Any help appreciated.
  6. Nice, will load this up in a bit! Thanks
  7. Nice, is that the 12" x 12"? https://www.walmart.com/ip/Mainstays-12-x-12-Shadowbox-Black/24311970
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