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  1. Awesome! GREAT video.. Really like the name too
  2. Damn those are purty! End of an era..
  3. Canceled? Well, that blows. Been playing SW on this green cart the last few days. Have to say, my "skills" are waning... or I got lazy with the infinite health hack of the ROM. I can't get past wave 2 but it's fun to turn on for some satisfying ufo destruction Hope to see more of something soon. Still think you should finish the others bc Saucer Wars is a hell of an achievement imo. Either way, I wish you more success in whatever you take on.
  4. Sorry to hear it's the last batch. Glad I got a few of them, they are incredible!
  5. Got these in yesterday. Can't wait to play the real thing! Thanks Jeff
  6. Great, thanks! Glad it has this. Categorizing will make it so much easier. I'm sorting files right now to copy to my freshly formatted FAT32 32GB SD Card.
  7. When I load roms into the SD card, is it possible to copy over folders to separate the games? Like, one folder with ST Ports, one with commercial releases, one with Doom hacks, etc., and have them selectable or is it one long list of .jag/.j64 roms?
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