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  1. Just popped up a pic of 4 people. Somewhere in the 698 area but still trying to make it happen again..
  2. 255 = BJL Screen says 'Waiting to upload" (How to upload?) Had another combination pop up a strange morphing design but haven't been able to recreate it with my random button mashing.. yet.
  3. Any links to known working devices by those in the know would be greatly appreciated
  4. Awesome Gaz, looking forward to it! Thanks for the update
  5. 8 consoles, one is BJLed. 4 CD units.
  6. First impression, it's incredible! Feels more sensitive but the more I use it and get used to it, it's not more sensitive but the length of the stick available to move making it appear to be in the early minutes. Blazing through map one in Doom, turning hard and flailing my pov all over the place. There's no small degree of forward movement by barely pushing the stick as with a PS4 or XBOX One, of course but being used to that, still trying to make it happen subconsciously. Once you get to the movement activation it just goes like it's supposed to. I know, Captain Obvious but still... Love hearing the gentle click sound with every press of a direction. That, coupled with the click of the shoulder buttons when strafing is pretty damn awesome. Seems this mod would also resolve any indication of up/left movement on the pro pad. Just spun Doom Guy in a shitload of circles both directions and he never left his position. I know, would have to be tested against a known controller with the issue but this feels very exact and modern.
  7. Got this a few minutes ago. Gonna play some Doom Slayer edition tonight!
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