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  1. Got this in today! Like most, this baby will adorn a wall in the gameroom I'll eventually set up. Very nice and much appreciated
  2. Got this in today. Was originally supposed to arrive last Tuesday by 9:00PM but that was just before the postal system shut down in Texas. Glad it arrived safely. Huge thanks to Carl for making this happen
  3. Got these in today! 1x Alien Syndrome boxed in clear shell 1x Beast Busters boxed in red shell 1x Wormhole box set Can't wait to play these EDIT: Forgot to add this:
  4. Interested. I too didn't know about v1 so would like to opt in this time around
  5. Thanks a million Gaz. Best wishes on the changes
  6. That's my plan. Would look great as a banner On the wall. Will check this out soon Thanks
  7. Resets the current game only for me.
  8. I blew it on the 1st attempt 😛 Didnt get how solving it worked immediately. Was easy afterward.
  9. Holy cow, that's beautiful! Not sure if I got an email bc I get so much spam and delete it all. Don't think it would've landed in there though. If one was sent, please let me know
  10. Yes, exactly. The nostalgia factor is high and the look/feel you just don't see a lot of anymore. To me, it'd be priceless I'd have made similar long ago as an homage to the Windows 98 era but wouldn't know where to start.
  11. I'm kinda partial to the original. Any way you could get it back up and running with a massive update after 20 years?
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