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  1. Got mine a few minutes ago. Will post a pic soon. Thanks, Machine!
  2. Nice, PMing for a few
  3. Cool, I was playing that on my GD last night😎
  4. Good Lord that is amazing. Props
  5. I'm in for up to 6 if possible😎
  6. I'll be 'all in' as soon as I can get to my laptop. Great to see this happening!
  7. Here's an excerpt from a tutorial I wrote years ago, if it helps: For ripping with DiscJuggler, which is (highly) recommended for homebrew games but especially with the Jaguar CD disks contained in the JSII releases, these settings worked (for me) 100% of the time on the games (in which DiscJuggler works): Open DiscJuggler Click "New" Highlight "Create disc images" Click OK Set "Source" Set/rename "Destination" Click "Advanced" tab Tick "Raw read" Tick "Ignore read errors" Click Start
  8. Got this in today. Spectacular package with all the extras. No time to play or rip to .cdi at the moment for the GD but coming soon. Thanks a million for this Clint! Much appreciated
  9. Let me know if/when I can buy another copy from this new lot. Need one to stay sealed for the shelf queen thing
  10. Just bought #41. Looking forward to this Clint!
  11. I have more than one Jaguar along with multiple copies of BSG, Aircars and too many variants of Doom to count. Mostly custom maps carts with varying network code changes. I used the Jaglink in the early days but have moved over mostly to Jaglink 2 & Scatbox combinations to create a network.
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