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  1. Ha, it sounded great. Didn't hear even the hint of a crackle in the music stream(?) while firin
  2. Saturn

    Thrusty Thing

    Damn, that looks incredible!
  3. After a headache causing round of Doom testing last night I got this flashed. Played briefly this morning and managed to make it to wave 2. The speed of the UFOs seems to have increased. I took out 2 with one shot that were not in line but the collision appears to have improved. Will dive in more this evening. Have to beat my new high score of 5055. Will end up hacking in infinite energy though. Want to see that queen Great build..
  4. My Jag is SCART to the OSSC too and most games look great but Doom looks like ass. Not to derail this anymore than necessary but can you post any specific settings or PM them? Thanks
  5. I like the pace. Focused on taking out the abduction saucers and the new one flying horizontally across the screen. Didn't get as far bc of the overheating but glad that was added
  6. Unless the issue gets worked out, then it's back to full on heavily supporting this device as much as I possibly can with the extra purchases. I have other ideas for the SD cart too w/ a few hacks in mind. Would hate to brick one of these though
  7. Some questions, and if they've been covered, please excuse my re-asking.. has anyone tested networking? I'm stoked for an 8 Jag networked AirCars extravaganza Also, can someone test if KA version will network with release version? Doom & BSG as well. I'm assuming there shouldn't be any problem but one never knows with all this new fangled badassery. Would hate to buy 16 of these and half of them end up shelved indefinitely.
  8. Just.. WOW😍 That looks amazing! I was trying to post this right after yours but adding smilies from a phone is ass with this update.
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