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  1. atarinut76


  2. Ben is a great guy to deal with! Bought a import 2600 box from him and it showed up safe n sound!!! Thanks Matt
  3. Man I've been off this site for awhile. I have a lot of catching up to do checking out your collection 😍😍😍 👍
  4. Hello, I put my order in back in August for a CIB. I got an email saying my order was received but nothing else. 3/4 sold out means physically they are gone or just the list is 3/4 filled haha Thanks Matt
  5. A bit late to the party but here are all my atari 2600 systems both clone and non clone
  6. I wasn't planning on selling but I think I could for you! 😎
  7. Haha sure does! And thanks! I honestly put it up for $49.99 and let nature take its course!! My luck is normally not this good
  8. It was mine,, I was hoping to get $350 since it had no manual!! I shit when my phone was blowing up with the bids that it was getting.. this was insane
  9. atarinut76


    Please add me as well!!!!
  10. This is awesome! I have the 4in1 of these but never seen the 8in1!! Good luck on your hunt!!
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