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  1. George Lucas needs to die. That is all.

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    2. Mxyzptlk


      LOL @Osbo, and AGREED.

    3. DracIsBack


      That is a little extreme of a reaction I think ...

    4. Keatah


      I was satisfied with ep 4,5,6.. anything else? meh..

  2. N.R.A.= Nachos Rifles Alcohol :)

  3. I'm watching The Simpsons :D

  4. Macs suck balls, and yes, I've tried using them, and now I'm forced by work to use one. 99% I feel like throwing it out the window.

    1. Lord Helmet

      Lord Helmet

      I've never found them to suck in the least. Especially not my balls.

    2. Mxyzptlk


      Yeah, they are a true pain in the ass.

    3. Itchy Koala

      Itchy Koala

      My mac is special.

  5. I made the Dean's List: 3 A's and 1 B :D

  6. I rather eat a McTurd.

  7. I rather eat a McTurd.

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