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  1. Talk about opening the umbrella before it rains...
  2. Everything was working just fine when I took apart the arcade machine I built. Includes the PS2 controller with cable, and everything else you see in the picture. I did not tested the coin mechanism. Everything sold AS IS. Make me an offer (I paid good money for all this stuff) Thanks!
  3. Take it easy dude, there is no reason for you to act like a REAL ASSHOLE!!! At least be honest, the whole 'I want to play backups of my games' it's pretty hard to believe these days.
  4. That's really cool, I think that if I was him, I'd be pleased to know that I still have followers and fans after all this years
  5. I have been misled by the art drawings and pictures in the boxes more than once, then it hit me, I have to use my imagination!
  6. Good idea! We been thru this alredy.
  7. You are too nice, I woulda drop the hammer on him already...
  8. Wow dude, I'm happy that you made it out and that your little girl is ok too.
  9. Osbo


    I had to read it twice, I though you said 'Hidden GERMS'
  10. Because is c00l Just kidding, I guess because its really well designed? Most of the other systems use the joypay configuration, maybe that's why?
  11. Wow, you eat food from a dumpster? Personally, I wouldent eat food from the dumpster, even if sealed. if its in a box near the dumpster, might pick it up. It was in a box sealed and wrapped in plastic and the dumpster looked to be freshly painted.
  12. Yeah, but don't forget, an A2600 its so c00l!! I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but now I'm sure the OP its a total moron, lucky they get bored quick and the just vanish in the thing air.
  13. I just remember another two, Metroid and Castlevania in the GBA-SP
  14. mmmm I don't really know, but I do remember when I beated Bart Simpsons vs. The Space Mutants in the NES, took me a really long time too! oh, I just remember, Zelda in the SNES Beautiful game.
  15. Moonsweeper was one of my favorites as a kid, I used to play it for hours to an end.
  16. I said it before, and I'll say it again: IQ test before granting posting privileges.
  17. I've been playing Civ since like 5pm Iraq time I used to play F117A, but I forgot to get it this time. I also got M1 Abrams, but its not working for some reason.... grrrrr
  18. I found Civilization I, it reminds me of Advance Wars in the GBA, and I like it
  19. A blast from the past Glad that duchebad will get nailed.
  20. Maybe people realized that buying and selling Atari games won't put them to a nice retirement, that, and the economy sucks. Wow, I checked Ebay and for the most part you're right(And that includes the shipping). Well a couple of years ago this would been more expensive. If this gets any cheaper sellers will just say screw it and throw the stuff out. After you get through with Ebay fees, Paypal, and the mailing fees it's almost not worth it to go through the time and effort for something like this.
  21. I think you had a good deal in the Gamecube with the games. I went from N64 to PS/1 to PS/2, so I totally missed the Gamecube scene. I remember playing a demo in a store, and I saw some screen shots of Metroid, that game looks sweet p/s the original Xbox had a lot of life left, I think MS pulled the plug on it too quick.
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