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  1. I'm playing the PC version. The trick its to go slow, low altitude, and pitch the aircraft with the flaps. Microprose, I want to get back into PC gaming like I used to back in the day, I miss those days
  2. Central Europe, cold war, strike mission, the longer the better
  3. F-19 its the game! I've been playing it since I had my XT back in the day
  4. Who the f*ck are you? Space invaders was my first game that I played in a friend's house. In my personal A2600.... I think it was bowling. just answer the original question newbee, my first was wall ball 607-
  5. wow zombie thread... I totally forgot about the A2600 with the speakers...
  6. yuck! She's better off taking pictures of her cleavage!!
  7. Wow! 10 boxed PS/2s? I was thinking in buying another one as a backup, the PS/2 its by far my favorite system.
  8. Well, the DS sucks IMO. I had a GBA SP, and I loved that little machine, then Nintendo came out with the DS, and they lost me as a costumer. It's people like you that make me never want to come to old school forums. I love my old school games, I appreciate their primative and simple gameplay. But I also like complex, modern games like COD and Fallout 3. When you are calling out the DS lite because the screen is apparently sooooo bright that it blinds your eyes, it makes you look like you have your head up your ass aout anything thats not old school.
  9. Challenge him to reach a 1.000.000 points in River Raid
  10. Give it a rest dude... go listen to Thriller or something if you are so heartbroken because MJ... jeez
  11. Osbo

    Site Downtime

    Thanks for the update Al! I though the server was super busy (it happend in here at 2am Iraq time after I read about Michael Jackson's dead)
  12. oh no wonder I tried to log in today and there was a message 'server issue' or something like that?
  13. My thoughs exactly. I'm still in love with the PS/2, but no way I'm going with the PS/3 of PSP Go, I don't even have broadband access to download the games!!
  14. Piece of advice, get yourself a backup plan in case the sh*t hits the fan again.
  15. yes I know that question wasn't directed at me but I'm gonna answer them anyway I think Tennis is a lot of fun, the AI opponent is nigh-impossible to beat, but that's half the fun, isn't it? Boxing may be some fun with two players, against the computer it is boring as hell. That doesn't mean it's too easy, the AI does reasonably well, but even if you lose, it's boring... in my opinion that is. However Decathlon... I can't see how anyone today can still like games like that. Yes I know, it's about the old games, retrogames, whatever you call it, however isn't it all about games that are good, despite their age, instead of games that were just misguided "controller killers" like that? Another note on the VGC: Why does he hate 3D Tic-Tac-Toe so much? Not only does it get an F but reading the text he doesn't even treat it fairly. Yeah, boxing against a friend its a lot of fun (against the ropes just punching, on lordy ) Beating Tennis in hard its one of the high points of my childhood Actually, I think 2600 was the last game system I ever played sports games on. I tried basketball in the PS/2 and I hated the complicated controls.
  16. How about Activision's Tennis, Boxing and Decathlon? Those games are a ton of fun if you ask me. Same with Atari's Basketball, and Volleyball, I used to play those games with my friends, tons of fun and good memories. Activision's Laserblast its an endurance test, go head and score a 1.000.000, takes forever! Reactor its another great game, he is way off in his list.
  17. I'm as lost as you are, I have no clue what's going on.
  18. I think its wrong to put labels on people, that's all. Some of us might get offended.
  19. I had a regular fat PSP, and it would cramp my hands, the little thumbstick was a pain to use, and sadly, many games used it. I think the last portable game system I really liked was the GBA SP. Good design and great games.
  20. Nice to see you found a new low... congratulations!
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