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  1. Man that sucks, I hope everything works out for you. I'd love to give you a hand, I have a pickup truck back home in the US. When I moved from Florida to North Carolina, I rented an open trailer with u-haul for like 100 bucks for a week. I pulled everything with my Honda Accord (I had a storage room full of boxes and my moped) Good luck!
  2. Sounds like you are asking for methods to defeat our troll defense grid.
  3. Wow, you are 45 YEARS OLD? Why do you keep acting like a little kid? jeezz... and I though I was 'inmature' If you don't like the 360, fine, but you keep on coming over here with always the same song. Do everybody a favor, and act your age.
  4. 125 pounds its like what? 200 bucks or so? big check... right
  5. This is just too damn funny! Keep it up OP
  6. Send him an empty box with a note 'Here's the payment for the cards!' What an ass to deal with.
  7. yeah, but don't forget that a lot of people out there still play their PS/2 (I know I'm one) With the PSP, I think Sony should be doing more like the homebrew scene is doing, using it to play emulators and play old games.
  8. It's bad year for a whole lot of people, not only Sony. Just today I saw that Panasonic reported a $5B loss.
  9. Shall I remind you that the PS2 was one of the best selling systems ever? I still have mine, hooked up to an early 90's sony TV working perfectly! Sadly, I never had any interest in the PS3.
  10. dang.... more bad news... first Geocities, now 3DReamls... fond memories playing Duke Nukem 3d on a network with friends
  11. I guess that's the reason Sega its in the crapper. I had nothing but good experiences calling Nintendo of America, they even refurbished a SNES that I found in a yard sale for almost free! I have never called IBM because I like to thinker with computers, but it doesn't surprise me that they have good costumer service, its a respectable company. As for rude people when I call customer service? I either hang up the phone, or ask for the supervisor.
  12. Dang, another zombie thread... 8 years old, should be a new record!
  13. Is just me or this game doesn't have the sound working?
  14. That's probably your problem. Get a F connector and hook the 800 straight to the TV.
  15. you still with this? I don't think nobody cares... I know I don't
  16. why don't you try it in the z26 emulator?
  17. why do you keep posting the same question all over the place?
  18. A little bit better... and I still hate this game.
  19. In that one, I try to get the worms stunned on the sides, so I can spray the monkey's ass. That, and dodge the coconuts.
  20. The way I see it... $610 its almost 2 car payments for me, so that's a lot of money.
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