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  1. WarGames: The Dead Code went straight to video, which was actually intentional. You can pretty much assume it's something like the Sci-Fi or USA networks would put out. linky I saw I think half of that movie on TV, don't waste your time... its a piece of dog crap.
  2. This game is so hard to play with the keyboard, that I fell like smashing the laptop against the wall.
  3. that would be a good idea... or an IQ test on newbies
  4. Please tell me that when you saw that city stage it was somebody else playing or you continued a lot. Why do I get the feeling your going to submit a seriously high score any minute now. dude, you are taking this too seriously. No I was watching a dude play many years ago. p/s I just played one more game before bed time... playing with the keyboard sucks @ss!!
  5. I think you flight over a city, and after the last stage, the game ends with a message in the lines of 'we give up, you are too good at this' or something like that. I only saw the cities once.
  6. oh thanks! Youtube its so sloooow in here oh I see now... very ingenious
  7. How do you change the disks when you want to play another game?
  8. warming up game... playing with the keyboard sucks.
  9. yeah, those are the settings I'm playing with. 2 lives and normal diff.
  10. you didn't get an INP file with that nice score? I'd like to see your tips in action.
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Back_Orifice ahhh good days...
  12. Well that was some stupid advice, wasn't it?
  13. What game are you talking about? Can't seem to find the name in your OP, and I think this should go in the 'emulation' forum...
  14. That's a really sweet mod to do. I think I modded all of my A2600 in the past.
  15. ohhh I hate you guys! I used to be addicted to 1942 when I had my MAME cab I was thinking about this game last week, wondering when 1942 was going to popup in here
  16. That's about the only thing. Mine (got it brand new in 2002) the door makes a bit of noise when closing it, other than that, never had a problem (knock on wood)
  17. I wouldn't use paypal, or eBay, I haven't sold anything in like 3 years (the new rules sucked the fun of selling and buying on eBay)
  18. 75550, for some reason it didn't capture the screen The third building its hard!!
  19. that sounds like a game right there.. I'll pay a buck to play that.
  20. that's what I used to use, and some guys in here also used it with good results.
  21. Thanks for clarifying that!!! You should get the extra points for best explanation Gus
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