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  1. A little bit better! Still frustrating as hell tho, specially the side to side movement.
  2. This game its frustrating the crap out of me... the side to side movement works when it wants.
  3. call me stupid, but I can't figure out the controls! dang it...
  4. I think my PS/2 its one of the few consoles I didn't modded. I like having the original games with the manuals and packaging. I played a couple of PS/1 games in my PS/2 and I know there's a couple that aren't backwards compatible, but I'm not too sure.
  5. I had the same PS/2 since 2002 (the fat one), never had a problem with my system, and it gets a fair amount of use.
  6. a bit better... those dang plants got me good...
  7. Wow it gets really hard after passing the plants stage!!! 76710
  8. Well, in my MAME, as you are running the game, you press the Tab key, and it brings out a menu, then go to 'dip switches' and it should be in there.
  9. I wouldn't mind getting the 'short's short's' with my purchase
  10. I like the pretty colors! I am a girl, what can I say. I can already tell you that score is a fluke... I suck at playing games... I will never, ever get that kind of score again. Thank you though! Keep trying!!! one little 'trick' or 'cheat' put the game in 'invincible' so you can see what's coming ahead of you, then switch it back to normal and play the game
  11. wow, I guess that it show that english is not my first mother taught !!! mine neither!
  12. That's a really good score. I tried to use the artwork, but I couldn't figure it out, besides, I like to play the games full screen
  13. shouldn't it say 'continue?' instead of 'countinue?'
  14. a bit better... 63770 An something a bit curious, has anybody else noticed it?
  15. can't you guys tell how bored I am? Another little improvement... 61950
  16. 36620... I used to be kinda good at this one, hopefully I'll get some time to play this week.
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