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  1. I think that if you are at the very end of the log, the beaver can get you, but I'm not sure, and I'm not in my computer to find out
  2. 8160! I forgotten how hard Frogger its in the 3rd screen!
  3. yup, same as my dad. He used to be a TV repair man, and I knew to keep my ass away when the back cover of the TV came off. Poor kid.
  4. I said it before, and I'll say it again, some people should have their balls cut off/tubes cut at birth, so they can never have children. Poor kid.
  5. Good pick! I love Kung Fu Master... 133310 second try. My Tips: First level, just walk and when the guy with the stick comes at you, get close to him, so when he swings the stick, he won't hit you. I like to getting started with a flying kick, but sometimes he kneels to avoid it. Second level: Time it, and you can get a lot of points. Hit the first vase. Dragons can be deal with a punch for 2000 points. The bombs, a flying kick will get you a 1000 points. The guy with the boomerang can get tricky. Don't kneel, and he will trow the boomerang high, move closer, kick him a couple of times, and then he will trow the boomerang low. Be careful with the first returning boomerang. Third level: Pretty much as the first one, but this time, more midgets come at you. If they jump, I like to jump and hit them with the head. The big black guy its the easiest one. Walk towards him, and getting started with a flying kick, then kneel right away and punch him until he dies (gotta be quick before he trows a kick) Fourth level: I hate this one. Time the butterflies. The ones going really low, jump over, don't try to kill them. The old dude its hard to kill. Wait for him to trow a high fireball, the move close to him and kneel right away. Kicks don't work, so use the punch. It takes a little luck to beat this old bastard. Fifth level: Same as with the third level, kick your way towards the end, and be quick. Tons of midgets. Mr X its kinda thought, but keep it mixed (flying kicks, kicks, punches, etc) The knife throwers.... 2 out of 3, he will trow a high knife first, get close to him, kneel and kick him twice. I don't use the punches with them. If two of the purple guys walk towards you, keep on walking, and a fast flying kick will get rid of 3 of them at the same time (800 points) Kneeling down, and for as long as you keep on kicking, you will stay down without pressing down. Its useful when you have enemies coming from left and right. mmmm what else, what else... that's all I can think of for now.
  6. Osbo

    A good night

    Nice pickup, an instant mini-collection there
  7. That's a funny ass show, I used to watch it every time I could.
  8. Every time I see his name, it reminds me of StanJr... but you are not him by a long shot...
  9. so, what's the rom to play? The one in color or the one in B&W?
  10. Great news! Glad to see you out and about! Stay strong!
  11. I finished contra without cheating back in the day. The one I could never finish was The Hunt for the Red October, that's a really difficult game!
  12. Last arcade I played... I was in a fishing pier in Oak Island, North Carolina, Galaga. When I passed the place owner's high score, he got pissed! LOL
  13. I had this one: http://www.handheldmuseum.com/Casio/HeliFighter.htm and this one... http://www.handheldmuseum.com/Casio/ChampionRacer.htm Lots of fun to play with.
  14. can you be a little bit more of a dick?
  15. A bit better... 75900 (I can't attach pictures to my posts anymore... dang)
  16. You need to get the European set (5 megs) then get the US set (like 300K or so)
  17. Wow, another project! The other day I read in one pass the MIO production thread. Good luck!
  18. I'm not that good at this game, hopefully I'll get a better score. puzzloop_1.bmp
  19. http://www.ultimarc.com/ I got everything from this site. Crimp tool, connectors, cable, joystick, push-buttons, and the I-Pac controller with ps/2 cable. I was 150 bucks for everything IIRC.
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