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  1. mmm I don't know about that, I've been playing miss pacman for a looooong time, but its a bit true.
  2. Get well fast Curt! We are all rooting for ya!!
  3. Do it, they are a lot of fun to play. The ROMs are kinda of a grey area...
  4. Really cool, very interesting, kinda like a 'test' mode that you find in modern video games
  5. Al used to sell the wire that changes a CX40 from right handed to left handed... worth to take a look in the Store.
  6. I agree, all it took me was a google search before I got to the post with the address...
  7. great... now that I don't have a MAME cab with me in Iraq...
  8. Got my PS2 back in 2003ish... still going strong, not a single complain, I love that system.
  9. I think its just a Taiwan pirate dude...
  10. lol, i was about to post that bit out...
  11. Back when I used to sell on eBay, I felt it was the website for the little guy to make an extra buck here and there (I always wonder how people made a living selling on eBay) Anyways, I think they lost touch with the huge small seller they had. eBay should go back to what it was back in 98-99.
  12. "bad wording on my part, was my first try at this taken off market" first try with a 203 feedback?... what a load of BS
  13. mmm I play a lot of lumines (specially when I'm sitting in the thinking chair) it has good battery life, but again, all I do its play lumines. If I left the PSP sitting around for some time,the battery goes dead tho.
  14. in 2000 I "side-dealed" a very rare electronic chess game. The guy offer me 70 bucks for it when the auction could have made at least 300... live and learn I guess...
  15. I loved to watch "V" when it was first aired on TV... what a show And I remember the alien playing "space invaders" with his human girlfriend.
  16. if this is written the way its worded on purpose, then someone should take him up on that offer dang, I didn't say that anyways, I think I'm gonna keep the PS/2, those are my favorite games, and I had the console since 2002 (many had come and gone) dreamcast still up for grabs
  17. Boxed Dreamcast complete (give me an offer) Thanks!!
  18. yeah good call, almost everything spoke for... thanks!!!
  19. bobbie goes home? did it kept a score that one?
  20. You can get Dremamine patches to put behind your ears too (are little circles, like a little band-aid) Also what works when someone gets sick in a boat its to look at the horizon, maybe looking away from the TV for a few seconds might help?
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