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  1. I used to play a lot with one of these during basic, and when I was in Fort Meade. I think I still have a couple of print outs. Today nothing beats the real thing
  2. Have you tried Dremamine? I have a box in my boat in case someone gets seasick.
  3. I've got a free Sony Triniton that's hooked up to my C64 setup. The guy gave it to me along with a free surfboard Craiglist rocks!
  4. Atari liked to keep their stuff secret. John Harris messed around with the A800 and wrote a excellent game IMO "Frogger". It goes to show what the 800 was capable of, but, according to him, he couldn't get anything out of Atari, he had to hack the machine to discover the secrets. I think the Commodore was more open, therefore, there are more C64 games... I like them both
  5. looks like u got him. auction is gone.lol I got him, I reported him earlier ) I dont like scumbags
  6. Combat's use of the NMI register for a two-byte data table was pretty sweet. Why let the bytes at $1FFE-$1FFF go to waste? If you want to appreciate how sick people are today, though, play Splatform. Great game, which probably could have sold like hotcakes in 1977. If Thomas Jentzch had programmed it then, though, he might have had to ask his boss, "Okay, aside from adding color cycling to protect people's television sets, what else should I do with the remaining 1,024 bytes (out of 2K)?" Agree, times have changed... Just consider how many features certain hackers added to some games that were presumably already optimized. For example, Nukey did some amazing work with Missile Command while keeping the original 4k size (he later expanded it to 8k, but the improvements at 4k were quite impressive.) wow, thanks for posting, I cant believe I missed it!!
  7. Mr. RF: Good luck with the sale! Off topic, any chances you will make any new games for the 2600? I'd love to see a Missile Command with the plane flying by dropping A-bombs!!
  8. SIO2PC!! You wont regret it!!
  9. I had that problem. I tough it was the power supply, but I had a bad PLA chip.
  10. that sucks! can't you get your money back with PayPal?
  11. man, I love to play Ms. Pacman in my C=64... I'll try to get some scores during spring break!
  12. yeah yeah... april's fools... tell the truth, you just wanted to show off your collection!!! :rolling:
  13. When I was a kid (1983ish...) my folks paid this guy that I had a computer store, and he tough BASIC and Logos in a ZX Spectrum. I didn't have my own computer until 1990 (XT clone 8088 with 512K and 32MB hard drive) Right now I have a couple of C=64s and two 800XLs (one boxed with all the chips socketed )
  14. wow, two great picks this past two weeks! I'm tempted in dusting off my AtariDC and play some Atari
  15. have you tried using the adapter straight to the TV? also remember that the TV gotta be in channel 3 or 4. Another thing could be that the power adapter might have gone bad? good luck!
  16. I have my eye in the Assembler cartridge and the police scanner (you never know when you need one... ) nah, my dad used to have a Realistic mixing console in his FM station back in the 80's, very good memories
  17. My old Aquarius setup. I found it in a Salvation Army store for 25 bucks back in 2002, it sold on eBay for $125 I believe. I should have kept it, it was complete with all the boxes and manuals. It came with a bunch of manuals (utopia and others if I remember correctly, but the games weren't there) I also remember that the system had bad RF interference with the 16K module attached.
  18. The C=64 shouldn't even been in that list. The keyboard feels secure, like using a typewriter I had an Aquarious, and I never got used to the chicle keys.
  19. Yeah, I had an XEGS and the video was much better than in the old 800XL, I have never seen a original 800 connected with the A/V.
  20. I always liked Moonsweeper, really cool when you fly in the planet picking up people
  21. Keep up the good work Tempest, atariprotos its a top notch website!
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