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  1. I have this two extra seasons I bought when I was in Afghanistan. Everything is in good shape. I'm looking to trade for PS2 games (GTA III, Shadow of the Colossus, Dead Red Revolver, Mafia). I'd love to have a working xbox, that might seem a long shot. Anyways, just hit me up, I'm flexible. Thank you!
  2. George Lucas needs to die. That is all.

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      LOL @Osbo, and AGREED.

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      That is a little extreme of a reaction I think ...

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      I was satisfied with ep 4,5,6.. anything else? meh..

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  3. That's one of the most stupid TV shows ever to be aired.
  4. Long overdue feedback, I purchased a GC set with GBA adapter, and a limited edition PSP, and everything was super well packed, and in perfect condition!! I'm very, very happy, one of my best purchases ever! Gus
  5. I totally agree. Trash it?! Yikes, how could you even suggest that? It's worth something to somebody even if its just for the keyboard and shell. As the years go on, classic hardware whether it's console or computer will get harder and harder to find. Last place this system needs to be is in the dumpster.
  6. That might be a bad VIC chip, not too difficult to find and replace.
  7. Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (I always played the 1991 remake) I also enjoy for the Monkey Island series, and Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and The Time Rippers
  8. Nice polaroids, specially the one on top
  9. 1988, and my favorite game was Bowling Today I just play emulators mostly
  10. I remember to change games in my old multi-carts I had to turn the console on and off until you find the game you want to play
  11. Sad to see another thread going to the dumps thanks to this troll...
  12. Nevermind... I'm out of this thread. I totally agree Gez, I guess some people just don't work hard for their coin.. and if their pockets are that deep and money is no object then they can do some refunding!! like I said in past posts. I've hung out with the guy and seemed like a cool guy!! don't mean I'll be kissing his rear anytime soon though
  13. I think part of the problem was way too many options "I want this, I want that", and that's an easy way for things to get out of control. Now, granted, I don't agree on taking people's money, and give them nothing on return, but this is a hobby, and sometimes in a hobby this things happen. I think calling the cops, or constantly crying and bitching for the past 2 years over 50 bucks it's a bit too much IMO, life goes on, MOVE THE F*CK ON. Give the guy a break, he had good intentions, and I do wish to see this game out in cart form.
  14. Check this page out, I'm sure you'll find more info and/or help: http://www.cheeptech.com/2600mods/2600mods.html I always did the second mod (Ben's)
  15. Bump for a great seller! (got the xbox today, super fast shipment to Afghanistan!) Thanks!
  16. Wow, I can't believe my user name and password still work in Lemon64. I used to be there a lot, and I do remember some of the trouble makers, but they always had good info floating around.
  17. This thread might help you, http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/177258-atari-800xl-nothing-on-screen/page__st__25 Good luck!
  18. I think the main problem with the A800 was in the day, Atari didn't released the necessary documentation needed to truly unleash the machine. The C64 was a bit more friendly towards letting people write software to use in their system.
  19. I still love Vice City, second will be GTA III, and I played San Andreas (never got too far in the game) I can't speak about the other versions, but I think I can play Vice City over and over
  20. I understand, so far I have a good track with my mail (only one box didn't reach me, but I think my friend put the wrong information in the label), but sadly, no I don't really have family back home other than my 8 years old son. Thanks!
  21. Maybe the original IBM XT might become a classic one of these days. That was my first computer, and I have really fond memories of it
  22. I tried to buy a Kindle Fire (I have the regular Kindle), but Amazon.com won't ship things with batteries overseas (Afghanistan), oh well...
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