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  1. Do you mean that all of your music is ripped as WMA? I'm pretty sure the Zune can play WMA files unless they are Plays For Sure protected. No, I ripped my music to MP3 using WMP 10. Then I connect the cheap 1GB Mp3 and WMP picks it up to transfer the songs. Zune doesn't work with WMP (according to some reviews)
  2. No WMP connectivity is the deal breaker for me. I have all my MP3s in WMP, and I like to rip my own CDs with WMP. My wife has one of those cheap 1GB little MP3 players, and works flawlessly with Media Player.
  3. eBay will never do this, as then everyone would block zero feedback bidders. People signing up for new accounts would have a limited subset of what they could bid on, and it would take them longer to get above the minimum threshold to bid on everyone's auctions. What eBay needs to do is better police new users, nuke the shillers, deadbeats, scammers and so forth and make it harder for those people to keep signing up for new accounts (verify a seller's credit card or PayPal account before bidding, or verify a person's address before bidding (send them mail with some code they have to enter into the website before the account is validated, etc.)) There are many things eBay could do to improve the situation, but they seem uninterested in doing so. ..Al of course they won't do anything. They are making a killing in profits (from eBay and PayPal) Personally, I sold a bunch of stuff on eBay last month, and I'm done with them. Gus
  4. It didn't look to appealing to me. I saw the previews in Comedy Central, and I don't know...
  5. Thanks for posting the right link. I did a seach when the first link gave me the "Page not found", but nothing came up.
  6. my last atari transaction on eBay was a flop. I purchased 2 consoles with games, controllers, etc. After I paid prime for shipping, the seller trowed everything in a box, tape it shut and mail it to me. One of the consoles was ok, the other one, the plastic on one of the corners was gone. After I emailed the seller to complain, he refunded the shipping charges, plus some extra for the broken console.
  7. A/V mod for the 2600 its pretty easy to do if you are handy with the soldering iron. I don't know about the NES.
  8. Could you please tone down your posts a little bit? No jack-in-the-arse, they're not repros...they're old Atari stock that Best Electronics acquired circa 1996 when Atari Corp. liquidated their warehouses...which is what riffraff said in his initial post. Do you not understand plain English? You appear to be the one who's in over your head.
  9. I watch my mouth when I'm around people I don't know (and I'm in the military) Bad language shows the writer's lack of culture (or education, or both) IMO
  10. I'm the only one offended by all the S*** and F*** going around? I have been around this website for a long time, and I don't remember such words appearing so often.
  11. I'm gonna get some gaming done today, I love Bank Heist!
  12. It was still active when I reported it.
  13. I enjoy reporting crap bags like that one...
  14. Thank you for taking the time to report this listing for violation of our Excessive Shipping Charges policy. We are working hard to combat the practice of excessive shipping charges on eBay and very much appreciate your help in identifying sellers who you believe are charging excessively for shipping. Please continue to report these types of listings to us. We can only clean up this problem by working together. Regards, The eBay Community Watch Team
  15. I modded this console about a year ago, play games without that pesky RF noise. Complete with controllers and a bunch of commons (see pictures) I never tested the console in a plasma TV or a HD TV. $50 + S/H Thanks
  16. http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZmiami_guy_26
  17. I used to play Doom 2 with 4 friends in a LAN, it was great!
  18. Boxed, in pristine condition Sega Dreamcast. All paperwork and documentation included. I have 1 working controller and the keyboard. No games, but I have the disks that came with the system. I have a bunch of disks with emulators. Make a reasonble offer. Thanks
  19. - Xbox system softmodded with UnleashX- 2 controllers - All wires and hook-ups - Games (complete with box and manual. Adult owned) Full Spectrum Warrior 007 Agent under fire Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood Swat Global Strike Team MechAssault Doom 3 Collectors Edition America's Army Grand Theft Auto 3 / Grand Theft Auto Vice City Double Pack Halo Triple Pack (Halo 1 / 2 / Multiplayer Map Pack Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 Top Spin Sealed Action Replay Make a reasonable offer. Thanks
  20. Curt: I had kinda a similar problem, but with one of those "credit fix" scams. They kept taking money out of my account. I complained online in ... I wish I could remember, some consumre protection website. The North Carolina general attorney contacted me (I was in afghanistan) and he got me a good chunck of money back from those scammers. Good luck!
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