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  1. Let me tell you one thing: I'm not perfect when it comes to Atari knowledge. Just because you don't disagree with my statements doesn't me I should leave. I'm just going to leave it like this. sorry dude, I was laughing so hard at your post that now I don't really know what to reply...
  2. There are when you are contributing absolutely nothing to any thread and all you do is annoy the hell out of people. I'll second that... this troll is pissing me off... I'm not an troll. Just because you disagree with me doesn't mean I need to get banned. Almost all of my post were on-topic. ey figther...
  3. Do not listen to him!!!! Well I said IF POSSIBLE. READ PEOPLE!!! But if you want to count the fact that the board saids "Imagic" on it, then it's real then.
  4. There are when you are contributing absolutely nothing to any thread and all you do is annoy the hell out of people. I'll second that... this troll is pissing me off...
  5. Great can't wait to see a pic! This dude is a bullshiter He used to post under Codysgames and he likes making up stories. I think he is only 12 or 13 years old though so it's to be expected, I guess. Checking his old username...... Edit: Damn he's 12 years old. I'm suprise he didn't get an banned. The irony of that statement is classic. >.> To the 12 year old kid: Stay away from posting, you're making more of an fool out of yourself by each post. so bad you can't follow your own advise...
  6. The classic "open mouth, insert foot" case...
  7. dang... I softmodded my xbox couple of days ago and I was thinking the same... but my mame cab is working fine... I belive you need to treat mame for the xbox the same way for a PC (you know... roms in the roms folder... etc) but ey, not only mame runs in the Xbox, the SNES emu works fantastic and the same goes for the GBA emu.
  8. Sweeet! I love Ace Combat... another excuse to get me a 360 (the first one was Halo 3)
  9. Er, if that's really how you feel, why not just stop logging in here..?
  10. http://cgi.ebay.com/Sony-PSP-Entertainment...1QQcmdZViewItem dang... I think I'll be listing my PSP for sale!
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/Sony-PSP-BARELY-USED-4...1QQcmdZViewItem
  12. I used to mod PSXs back in the day. If the games are a little slower to come up, the laser needs adjustment (super easy to do)
  13. XT 8088... with 512K and hercules display... man was that thing HUGE...
  14. Thanks for this review. I saw the game the other day in TRUs. I never played the original in the PC, but I'm a big fan of the Monkey Island series. I didn't grab it because MOST of the PSP games I have right now are a BIG disappointment, but I'll go back tomorrow. The only game I can recommend for the PSP is Lumines.
  15. 2 TI99... one was totally death, and the other one had a problem displaying characters on the screen.
  16. Have you tried offering the set in here (AA marketplace)? That was a nice set, and I would loved to get it, but I don't mess with eBay that much more.
  17. Star commander is a PITA with windows XP... I use either a Win95 boot disk or a computer with Win 98.
  18. Never had a problem with my Dreamcast, and I play a lot of CDRs (emulators)
  19. 800xl and SIO2PC cable can't go wrong with that combination.
  20. That is interesting. I have been looking into hooking up one of my 64's to a file server PC I have so I could really get back into some C64 fun and was going to go the 64HDD route. Are you able to point me in the direction of instructions to build the XE1541 cable for simpletons like me and a good Star Commander download/Instruction page? yeah, let me check my internet bookmarks in the old computer HD and I post the link. It was a nice website, with pictures and everything. SC will work with Windows 95/98, but it works much better with DOS. I could not make it work with XP. Link: http://www.geocities.com/vteramos/Paginas/XE1541en.html
  21. 64hdd works, but you will need an old computer with DOS. I used a couple of times, didn't like it, and I went back to Star Commander. I build my own XE1541, is super easy.
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