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  1. That's what I use to call my girlfriend back in the States, it works great!
  2. I do plent of excersize, never eat sweets, and NEVER EVER watch televivion. I only use my CRT television for Atari. I am not even overweight! OK
  3. Do you exercise, go to the park, stuff like that, or stay at home in front of the computer/tv all day?
  4. Childhood diabetes claims another victim.
  5. http://www.retroist.com/2008/09/30/spectravideos-compumate-turns-your-atari-2600-into-a-computer/
  6. The Melvin is a variant where the victim's underwear is pulled up from the front, to cause injury, or, at least, severe pain to the victim's genitals. The female variant is sometimes called a Minerva. Ahhh google rocks
  7. We've been infiltrated by Cobra Commander!!! That's what it was? It sure says a lot about him... And he's almost 40... I see people are solely gonna focus on my previous posts and not the last 2 or so I have posted so I'll just shut up now because if I don't its just gonna be more fuel for the fire and more ammunition for people to use against me and make fun of me, but how many people do you know realistically with the disabilities that I have that can do the things that I can do? Not many I assure you, I mean....brain damage, Cerebral Palsy, water on the brain, a potentially deadly combination and it also at one point used to include epilepsy but I beat that back in 1980. But that's neither here nor there, my point is people are not focusing on the last 2 or 3 posts I made which were not argumentative but were better thought out than my earlier ones and people here are deliberately trying to rile me again unnecessarily, if the number of you that don't want me here outnumbers the amount who want me to stay then just say so, or why not post a poll and put it to a vote, and based on the results of that poll that will dictate what the final outcome will be and until the final count of that poll is reached I just will not post one further thing. Quit playing the pity card dude, you are 40.
  8. Reactor for the 2600 is one of my favorite games.
  9. We've been infiltrated by Cobra Commander!!! That's what it was? It sure says a lot about him... And he's almost 40...
  10. Uhh, okay. And I'll bet you immediately went online and hammered out a hundred-page Unabomber Manifesto somewhere about "perfecting the system" and the "evil!" of inept soldering. I am not going to reply to this thread any further until all the paper assholes posting to it can STOP picking apart and shooting down everything I fucking say instead of seeing the logic in it, I mean it IS there its just a matter of the fucking pinheads seeing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When do you leave? Or that was all made up too?
  11. What a drama queen... And a close analysis of your cranium will reveal sawdust, setting aside the fact that you are inept, insufficient, inexcusable, pompous, pusillanimous and pathetic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWHfFdmisoo
  12. You can add the video to your post too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-l5FyA3pgo or better yet... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DksSPZTZES0 Unfortunately RichG1972 wont stop his long winded ranting posts until everyone thinks exactly the same way as him. It is a shame because he seems to know a lot about restoring consoles to their original condition. He just cant accept the fact that people can do what they want with their own consoles. Yeah well I just solved the problem for everybody, I PMed Albert and told him that I want any and all images I posted here sent back to my email account because I do not have them on this computer anymore, and secondly told him to delete all my postings and erase my account I have better things to than get caught up in DRAMA, I had dram in Chambersburg Pennsylvania so I left, and there is drama HERE so that is why I decided to have Albert delete my account on here for good, so you see I CAN accomodate all of you in one fell swoop and give you what you want so keep the pedal to the metal and your gown down that's a big 10-4 and I'm gone! Oh and one further thing I CAN accept that people will do what they want to do with their own consoles I just specifically request that if it is one I have restored to mint condition which in turn makes it more VALUABLE than a modified one that has modern day technology in it, if it is one I restored to mint condition, don't come to me to fix it if something goes wrong with it that you can't fix yourself because I refuse to bail someone out of a problem that THEY created by a display of their own ineptitude!
  13. My first email address I had was a Hotmail (gustavoo@hotmail.com) somehow, it quit working after about a year or so. Then I created the one I'm using today in 1997, been happy with Hotmail ever since.
  14. So what you are saying is that because I modded a console with an A/V port I'm the same as that guy totally destroying a system? Go buy yourself a clue. The way you guys feel about this kind of thing is basically how I feel about stuff being added to the inside as well as the outside of an Atari 2600 because much like this instance, it changes the Atari into something that was not part of its original design, but maybe I should be saying the same thing that everyone here that praises and endorses mods has been saying to me.....you all say "Let he or she enjoy the Atari the way they want to and you enjoy it your way, maybe this guy enjoys doing this to an Atari, maybe it's his way of making his own Atari contribution, granted it makes me sick as well.....but maybe by the way THIS makes all of YOU feel, now you can finally see where I MYSELF am coming from. The 2600 is no longer in production and supplies of OEM parts is dwindling down fast. What should be being done is looking at how the system was MADE and duplicating/reproducing the parts so all the systems OUT there could be preserved since the system has been out of production since about anywhere between 1991 and 1994, we should be looking into reproduction motherboards, Best Electronics is already making duplicate PCB's for the joysticks which bring them back to life beautifully and it used the original as a template so that's a step in the right direction. Those of use with electronics and engineering backgrounds can do the same thing, look at the interior of the electronics, map out each part of the motherboard and create a schematic blueprint to re-create the entire motherboard, but instead of using the standard RCA jacks that were available at the time, substitute GOLD ones for better contact so this way the system is functioning as original but with better contact, THINK of how this system turned into the ultimate bastardization...a 'pop art' (more like pop TART) sculpture makes all of YOU feel and then just maybe you won't be so quick to chastise ME for the way I believe because I am an Atari preservationist, restorationist, and PURIST, and I know there are a few others on here that believe as I do because I have seen the posts. Oh and those of you who modify your systems should be HAPPY about what this guy did, after all he did modify his Atari into something else that was not part of its original design, he turned it into something it was not designed to be, did what he believed was right with a system that was rightfully his so realistically what's the real harm? Is that not what you all have been saying to me with every 'anti-mod' post I have put on these forums? Touche!
  15. He will take the neg? He's the one ruining his reputation. I don't think he can't left you a negative now, so the system works for you. P/S: He's a newbie too. He has a 100%. Tell him you'll neg his ass unless you get a refund, and he pays the shipping to get the drive back (it probably doesn't work either)
  16. It's not the game, it's the person. +1 for trying to defend a perceived injustice, but you're missing some info. No. Tempest I think I'm missing some info too because I'm confused. That doesn't completely explain. Is it because he is believed to be Pacfan97? Did Pacfan97 have a bad rep or something? Or is it something else? Anyway, Jr. Pac, good luck on your sells. If you looking for another hack idea I would like to see a graphic hack of Jr. Pac-man with Jr. Pac-man, the ghosts, toys, and score turned sideways so I can turn the TV on it's side. Pacfan97 is one of the more infamous members on this board. After he was put under permanent Moderator Preview for spamming Pacman hacks, he has made numerous sockpuppet accounts. Each sockpuppet has a Pacman themed user name, a penchant for Pacman hacks, and a hard-on for everything Pacman related. LMAO!
  17. There you go, http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/183300-ms-pac-jr-7800-prototype/page__p__2301657__fromsearch__1#entry2301657 It's not the game, it's the person. +1 for trying to defend a perceived injustice, but you're missing some info. No. Tempest I think I'm missing some info too because I'm confused.
  18. Holy necrobump! No, I have PayPal, but I don't use eBay anymore. I'm surprised the duchebag still around.
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