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  1. How can I get the mouse to work? I tried everything and nothing. I'd like to get it working, so I can show to the other students in my computer class at my community college (and impress the teacher) Thanks!
  2. I think that's worth more than 100 bucks IMO.
  3. Osbo

    Christmas Haul

    wow, some of the posts in this thread remind me of those crazy eBay auctions someone posted a while back.
  4. Ok, this thread has taken a weird turn, now we are hating kids? (thanks for insulting me, by the way)
  5. When someone says 'make a deal and you have a deal' what does that mean to you? And then magically after 4 months it is sold? it is odd to me, hence my posting. Actually, I have never heard anyone use the phrase "make a deal and you have a deal". If you look at the literal language, it means nothing. It's like saying "if we reach a deal then we have a deal". It seems you interpreted that as "if I make an offer, any offer, you have to accept it." Personally, if someone e-mailed that to me, I would interpret it to mean "if I make a reasonable offer that the buyer accepts, we have a deal". Until someone says to me, "I accept your offer, here's my Paypal address", I assume that it can be sold to anyone else and that there is no deal. I agree that the seller could have been more clear about what that phrase meant, but I don't think either side was really clear about the deal and as such, I don't have an issue with the seller accepting an offer 5 times what yours was from a buyer who had expressed at least some interest long before you came along. I also have to agree with Ianoid that this whole line about doing presentations for kids has nothing to do with anything and is frankly offensive. Lots of us do charity work or donate to charity and we would never mention it in the hopes of getting a deal on something. While you might be planning to use this in some school program, ultimately, it's gonna end up in your collection, so it's not like it's an entirely charitable effort. Well obviously and how is it offensive? perhaps you need to buy a dictionary! And it is not about getting a 'deal' I felt that is all it was worth, and as I thought that is all it is worth, as I bought one today, NEW IN THE BOX with the tape still on the box for $30, unused, and it is still white not yellowed! So, I think my offer was more than fair How convenient! Did you also get like super-ultra-ubber rare games with it too? p/s: Like we say in here: pictures or didn't happened.
  6. When someone says 'make a deal and you have a deal' what does that mean to you? And then magically after 4 months it is sold? it is odd to me, hence my posting.
  7. No, I was teasing, you don't have to declare nothing for domestic flights. Now coming into the country, yes, they ask you how much money you have, gold, stuff like that, but it has to be over $10.000 bucks.
  8. Because OldAtarian said so, and that is that, capische?
  9. Wow cocaine wrapped around condoms; does that get your partner high What partner? Lefty or Righty? (I assume they would get numb though) Man this thread is going down quicker than a pogo-stick in quicksand!
  10. Dang, a T handle Atari cart stuffed up your butt, not a pretty picture. I think the ICE people would be looking for people with other stuff up their asses, like cocaine wrapped around condoms. Also, I think you need to declare only if you are carrying more than $10.000 bucks, and he/she is selling the cart for like $4.000, so he/she is safe, sorry I burst your bubble, OldAtarian.
  11. Well you should. This isn't a solo event it is a competition. Those others are the ones you are bidding against. They will cause you to pay more when you do win and cause you to lose more often. If that is how you like to do it then do it your way man. No one should fight you on it but don't try and tell us that it works. There really is no arguing with OldFartarian - he's very set in his crochety ways. When he's off his meds, the old man is amusing; just don't mention certain topics around him because we're running low on thorazine. LMAO!
  12. OLDATARIAN.... Just a heads up, around here when Homerwannabee sides with you it generally means you are doing something wrong. Thought I would let you know, you can thank me by telling Homer to put me on ignore at your guys next crusader meeting lol
  13. LMAO, I guess you are right! I gotta go back to school!! Isn't 2+2=5 too?
  14. He's just P.O. because someone else got the games... oh well, though titti, do you want violins too OldAtarian?
  15. I'm like totally out of collecting games anymore.
  16. I rather eat a McTurd.

  17. I rather eat a McTurd.

  18. 33 years old and you act like a kid. Good luck with your auction, now, get the hell outta here with your shitty attitude.
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