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  1. This semester I have to take among other courses, CET-111 (Computer Repair and Upgrade), and the instructor is an old IBM guy from when IBM made typewriters. Today was 'boot the computer with DOS 6.22, partition and format the HD' So, ok, I did it, then I realize that I'm one of the 'old' dudes in the class of kids, so I had to go around helping the other students how to use CLS, DIR, what's an AUTOEXEC.BAT, etc, etc. One kid asked me, 'Where are the folders?' and 'Why is my mouse not working?'
  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwww Q: I live close enough to come pick the item up in person. What would you sell it for if I could come get it and pay cash? Aug-17-10 A: Hello and thank you for your inquiry. This auction is being held as a way to help promote the sale of this cart on Atariage.com, so ending the auction early would defeat that purpose. To answer your question, I will offer local pickup which will save you the extra $5 on shipping. For those not bidding, please go to Atariage.com and sign up on the waiting list for a brand new version of the game. Thanks again!
  3. First he wants to know the run number, so his cart can still be rare, then the whole ebay thing, and then add the bad attitude from the get go.
  4. I like this line: "I ordered 2, one to play and the other to go in my collection." I think a more factual (less of a lie) statement should be: One to play, one to re-sell.
  5. Capitalizing after a colon? Where did you get that from?
  6. You guys are right, I saw the title and I came over running to post it. They didn't mention AA =(
  7. http://buzz.yahoo.com/buzzlog/93902?fp=1 It made the Yahoo front page, I just saw it =)
  8. http://sites.google.com/site/thehopelesshobbyist/games/atari-2600-32-in-1-game-cartridge
  9. It's decent, but it's no S-Video - you really got to go with S-Video. Once you see the difference you'll never want anything less. Yeah, but the A/V mod works nice too. I did a couple of consoles back in the day, and you can really tell the difference.
  10. That's why I think going to the SA or Goodwill to look for video games is a total waste of time and gas.
  11. I just found out some info about Gordon French's Chicken Hawk computer from 1975, but it doesn't say if it was commercially available, or if it run BASIC. Really cool about the control-alt-delete keyboard combination, really good info.
  12. I think all these old machines were impressive. Most of the board layouts were by hand, there are no programmable devices on most machines for several years, slow parts make timing even more critical, parts were expensive so you tried to maximize the use of the gates on your chips which makes board layout even more difficult, and most of the software/firmware was developed with limited development tools. Now you draw the board layout on screen, the software can auto-route a board in a couple minutes (though it usually needs tweaking), you can program large portions of a circuit into programmable devices, parts are cheap, and you have cross development tools capable of building and programming a ROM with little effort. You can literally do in hours what used to take days or weeks. I totally agree! I am amazed of the things they did back in the 60's and 70's with the early computers.
  13. Only to make sure it is cleaned out. If it comes to unsoldering, that's where I'd draw the line. I just thought maybe there is a way I hadn't figured out yet. Why would you do that??
  14. Sweet! I might buy it, I'm an Electronics student, and seems like a neat project to do
  15. I could go with the SOL 20 then (the 10 didn't sell that well) Processor Technology could had been Apple, but it was a company run by engineers, that's why it failed.
  16. Those types of computers would be stretching the definition of recognizable personal computers for their lack of standard displays alone. We're still looking at 1977 and the Apple II, Commodore PET and TRS-80, in that order, and trying to figure out where the SOL-20 fits in the mix... Where in the original post does it specify what display was used? I would think a computer with some type of recognizable display output would be a given for this particular discussion, no? In other words, we'd want to eliminate blinking light displays and things like on-board red LEDs. Then the Altair 8800 wins: it had a keyboard interface, it had a video display (Cromemco Dazzler card i.e.), it had BASIC, and it was sold as a kit or assembled.
  17. The Apple 1 also reads BASIC from a tape: "According to the Apple-1 Cassette Interface Manual, it was necessary to make another change to the motherboard in order to use the interface. Besides removing the jumper that relocated the 2nd 4K of RAM, another jumper had to be added to the motherboard in one place. Then, after the interface was properly installed, an assembly language program would be available at $C100. This program allowed operation of the cassette load and save routines. To load Apple BASIC, the user would type “C100R” and press “RETURN” on the keyboard (this instructed the Apple-1 Monitor program to run an assembly language program at the address $C100)." http://apple2history.org/history/ah02/
  18. I found my information online, also the SOL is mentioned in the book 'Hackers' The computer was presented in NYC in February 1976. It has some software and an operative system. I found online that came with a BASIC tape, but the book doesn't say anything about the SOL using BASIC. Another early computer was Cromemco's System 1, but I think the SOL came out first. The truth is, all the people working on personal computers at the time were working together, I guess that's why all the system's seem to pop-up at the same time.
  19. How about the SOL Computer from 1975? It came with a tape with BASIC, does that count?
  20. I love Bully, I have it for the PS/2 and I came close to finish it.
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