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  1. hi guys... i got my 7800 today (used) and the controllers are beat to the bone but the controllers from the 2600 work just fine (for 1 button games) so I'm thinking of getting the joypayds, how much it's a fare price for them? 30 bucks? Thanks OsBo
  2. Well I just got a MIB 7800 with 9 games for 32 bucks... and I sold an HP calculator for 72 bucks... ebay ain't that bad... but... I mean, I went to the thrift and flea markets for weeks... and I have only found 3-4 games and an Atari Jaguar controller.
  3. well I did it and it worked... yipiiiiiii... so far so good... thanks for the tips guys! OsBo
  4. Today i found three games in the thirft store... International Soccer (M Network), Super Challenge Football, and Super Challenge Baseball (Matel) This lastone wasen't working, so I tried to open the cartrige to clean the contacts... nothing, then I tried in the other way around, and looks like the rom in the cartrige was backwards, could it be posible? I feel sorry for the cartrige, i have to destroy it in order to open it up, but the label stills good, so I might try to get the rom into a common card, like pacman or something. Osbo
  5. hi guys... just a dumb question, what it's better? the atari 7800 or the atari 600xl? does the 600xl plays the 2600 cartridges? About the 800xl? are the cartridges compatibles? Thanks!! Osbo
  6. anyway, I found a 13" TV in the garbage today, with the remote and everything and seems to be in perfect working order... thanks for the tips!
  7. really? I'll try it then, thanks!
  8. yeah, you are right... but hook up a vcr in top of my cable box and then the VCS, too much for my small table... but I'll do it when I finally move on to a bigger place, thanks for the tip! OsBo
  9. Why don't we start our trade/buy/bid atari stuff page? it is worth?
  10. Osbo

    Stuck on an Island

    1- SNES with Bart and the Space Mutants... I just love that game! 2- Atari 2600 and River Raid II (I guess I'd have the time to learn how to play it)
  11. I love ms pacman, but the pacman should go faster like the original arcade machine... I don't know... it's just my opinion.
  12. what kind of system? like the old VCS? only with more memory? or more like N64 or PSX? Remember, VCS it's beautifull because it's simple to use and play... I don't know, I don't think that nothing new will replace the VCS. OsBo
  13. My top 5: 1- River Raid 2- Pitfall! 3- Ms PacMan 4- Frogger 5- Enduro Activision rules!
  14. Hi, thanks for the response. I do have an Atari Jr. I wish I had a picture of the TV, the image it's like out of control, also the colors. I did use this instructions Composite and like I said, the sound works perfect, it's just the picture. I'm using a TV, those composite instructions are for computer monitors? I'm a little confuse here. Thanks OsBo
  15. i tried to get video composite with the instructions in this web page, and the sound works great, but the picture in the TV it's all screw up. may be my Tv? works fine with the nintendo or the playstation, though... any ideas? thanks osbo
  16. that's easy to do with dbase or something like that... even access, create a simple database and a frontend program to add the data, and that's it. osbo
  17. The last time I used my Atari was around 97-98 before moving to USA. After that my mother got us a NES, but it didn't last long. The unly game that I really liked to play was Bart Simpson and the space mutants, but NES controllers sucked big time. Then when I moved here, I find me myself using computers and not really playing games any more (only Doom 2 and DukeNukem). A while ago I brouth a N64 and PSX but I;'m selling all that stuff on eBay right now, and I got me an Atari Jr 2600 like two weeks ago. I like the cheaper games and mostly are easy to play. so far... i'm happy playing Ms Pacman and Jungle Hunt OsBo
  18. I did the 2600 modificacion for the audio and video, and the audio it's working fine, but the video it's all screwed up. I checked the soldering and everything it's fine. any ideas? thanks
  19. Osbo

    Atari Clon

    I have an old VCS Clon (Dynavision) it's from south america (brazil I guess), and I was wondering if it have any collectionable value. It's something like this one, only in white with red buttons. Any opinion out there? Thanks! Osbo
  20. Osbo

    Atari in movies

    I don't remember any movie right now... but I do remember the TV show "V" the episode in with the lizzard-guy was sitting next to a blonde girl, who was pregnant with his child and he's playing Space Invaders in a black and white TV set... oh no... wait a minute, my TV set was b/w... oh well... Cheers!
  21. Montezuma... all the way! Long life to Panama Joe! I used to rent that game a lot... every saturday and played for hours and hours. Cheers!
  22. Personally I like the Activision labels, the old guy playing with the kit, and the VCS in the bottom of the TV... the only original Atari game I owned was Space Invaders... Cheers!
  23. I got my first VCS back in 88 (I was 12) and I remember me playing for hours Activision games, such as bownling, fishing, enduro, frogger, pitfall, expressway, etc etc etc... =) My original VCS stills working in my home back in Argentina, but a couple of days ago I brought an Atari Jr on Ebay.com and I'm getting rid of my Nintendo64 and Playstation. Cheers =)
  24. Osbo

    Save mary

    I've been playing Save Mary for a while now, and I can't still figure out what are the items that appers in the sides of the river (in wich you let Mary go) Any ideas? OsBo
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