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  1. I am a he thank you very much! No problem, I didn't know and I was trying to be gender/politically correct. I was just joking anyway. I just picked up the adapter at radioshack. I still have scroll and all of my games just show up as a jumbled mess, though I can recognise sprites and on a few i can actually move the carachter. any solutions? Is the console or the games in the PAL format? Are you in the US? Maybe someone with more experience can chip in?
  2. I am a he thank you very much! No problem, I didn't know and I was trying to be gender/politically correct.
  3. Wait, what? D. Scott Williamson The whole 'I'm not releasing the game' I mean, I know it is YOUR game (looks excellent by the way), but think of the children!! Please!!
  4. Nop, he/she needs this: http://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=42 And skip the whole RF box.
  5. Nop, the NES RF adapter will not work that well with the A2600 (I know because I tried it) Your best bet is to buy a F connector, and skip the whole RF box all together.
  6. I knew this was too good to be truth...
  7. What about "people that doesn't know anything" about grammar posting on message boards? What's your f*cking problem?
  8. [quote name=Sub(Function()' date='Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:31 PM' timestamp='1279488694' post='2053537] And also anyone who cannot use a tripod to hold the camera. However, it is funny watching them trying to operate the lynx (or whatever) with one hand. Tripod? What's that?
  9. Oh come on, 90% of the stuff on Youtube is trash. People that doesn't know anything about video editing should be forbidden from posting videos on Youtube.
  10. Osbo

    Atari in movies

    Found another one
  11. Open a claim, 450 bucks is a lot of money these days!
  12. Sh*t, what a loser... I'm glad you got your money back toymailman!
  13. My first computer was a used 8088 XT clon with 512k of RAM, a 30 MB hard drive, and an Hercules card and monitor. Not the best gaming machine ever, but I used to play games on it all the time, and I used WordPerfect and dBase III Plus a lot.
  14. Ditto. Agreed, don't let the door hit'cha in the ass Or how bout this. How bout Crazyclimber,Osbo, and Wgungfu take a hike. There I said it. Edit: Just hate people who act like jerks to other people. And to tell someone to get out when they had done nothing to the community or them is not acceptable in my opinion. And I don't care how many people agree with their sentiment. There is a right way to act, and a wrong way to act, and in my opinion Wgungfu, Crazyclimber, and Osbo were acting the wrong way. What? am I supposed to get mad?
  15. Good for you, happy you sold it. Now leave.
  16. As a kid, all I played was pirates!! I never saw an original game! This was in south america by the way.
  17. I only used the PC version in a 286 with 640K and an Hercules card, then I upgraded to a 486DX with a SoundBlaster 16, what a difference! I love the game, I play it regularly.
  18. 1,500 bucks? Yeah, good luck with that one.
  19. It'll be cool to install the switch in the controller
  20. Osbo

    Atari in movies

    Australian movie Razorback (1984) Atari 800 setup.
  21. Mine is just like that one. You are lucky, the switches have a tendency to break (mine did) and the joysticks ports came lose, so my dad soldered the joysticks straight to the console. Good memories playing that dang thing late at night.
  22. Hozer is a person who mades reproductions of various Atari 2600 games. You can reconize them cause he has a stange looking head on the corner of the label. Not that you can see it clearly in this case -- I can't. I'm just taking their word for it. What's curious to me is that I thought he just made copies of rare or uncommon games....why repro Pac-Man? Thanks for the info. You also make a great point. Why the repro Pac-Mans? I know all about searching, I have my own board. For some reason I was gonna but didn't. Sorry, I got distracted big-time when the Yankees came back tonight in the 9th. Dunno what I was thinking!
  23. I have a dynacom just like that one, with the box and everything
  24. really, weird it doesnt pop up on ebay that much so i figured it was worth more than that I've never seen it before but there is one on eBay (overpriced as usual) right now. It's a pac-man knock off. I'd keep shopping it. Don't let it go for cheap just yet. You're better off unloading these things on eBay starting your bid at $1. That is the true test of something's worth. If you put a reserve or start the auction with a high bid--it will cost you more in the long run. Thanks for posting it though. It's cool to see. Pac-man knock off? Yeah, I'll have an ounce of whatever you are smoking. Jawbreaker is one of the most addictive A2600 games. John Harris did a hell of a job. Pac-man knock off... please...
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