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  1. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 200470846174
  2. Yeah, what's the point of putting a photo of the Goodwill receipt in the auction? For bragging purposes??? The non-profit organization gets $0.96 (or whatever, I can't even make out the amount in that lousy photo) while the eBay seller makes a killing?? I'm not saying it's wrong to make a profit on something you found cheap (I'd be elated), but why post a pic of the receipt as if to rub it in? It doesn't add any information useful to potential buyers as would, say, screen shots. Yeah, and he could use some schooling too... " PURCHASED DATE IS 04/29/2010 FROM GOODWILL **I have an original, genuine, 1982-built, Imagic, real-deal, authentic, Atlantis 2 cart. Which is unbelievably rare!!! Like only 25-or SO ever made!!! (WORKS AND IS IN GREAT CONDITION!) *MY BE THE ONLY ORIGINAL ONE OR TWO LEFT IN THE WORLD SINCE IT’S BELIEVED THAT ONLY 10 EXIST! MY SEARCH YEILDED NO RESULTS!!! ***PLEASE SERIOUS INQUIRIES OR COLLECTORS ONLY!! (NOW THAT I V'E POSTED PICTURES I HOPE YOU NON-BELEIVERS OR STILL INTERESTED!!)" This guy disgust me... (and yes, I hope someone sends him a link to this post, so he can read it)
  3. Leaving feedback first kinda backfires if there's a problem. EBay sucks monkey balls anyways.
  4. HOLY CRAP! first, the boxed Air Raid, and now this?
  5. I call BS at the whole thing...
  6. Actually I cringed when I saw the CNN story. When a hobby gets this kind of national attention because of a high selling price it tends to attract 'the wrong kind of people'. I suspect we'll start seeing an increase in scammers and clueless people trying to cash to make a quick buck. Sigh. Tempest I was just thinking the same thing.
  7. Osbo

    Atari Fossil

    I found this picture while looking for information on fossils in the Cooper River.
  8. ...other than the fact that they all have a noticeable white seam at all the edges. Is there not a means of printing them as foldable flats without the white seams? I don't see you coming up with something better. I think the boxes look really good!
  9. I guess Wonder007 just placed a 50Kish bid right at the end.
  10. HOLY SHIT!! 31K How's the lucky winner?
  11. Tanman, do you have the bottle of champagne ready to celebrate?
  12. 17 minutes, the suspense is killing me!
  13. Tanman, you are probably getting some crazy ass side deals!!
  14. I got out of eBay, long time ago... too much drama, hassle, complications... yuck
  15. As usual, you make wild assumptions, without any basis. +1
  16. Have you read the auction listing? mmmm probably NOT...
  17. Dude, you have WAY too much time in your hands!!
  18. Dang, even Pitfall Harry came out of the shadows for this one!!
  19. I guess then, if you find something valuable, you'll be dontaing the proceeds to a "worthy cause"? +1 You are right my friend...
  20. I think I would had been ok with something among the lines of 'Hey, I found this at the Goodwill, I don't play Atari, so I'm ebaying it, so here's the link, thanks!' instead of the whole 'oh I bought the games it for my students bla bla bla after I tricked a Goodwill employee in letting me pick up the more rare and valuable games' BS story. That's just me.
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