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  1. Eh, I realized it would be inappropriate for me to show up with a bag of "video games" for just one student. Also, without going too far into it, the students suffer from emotional disorders, I'm sure I'm not the only one here who knows first-hand what monsters things like OCD can create. I thought about anon giving them to his case mgr, but even then, i'd give them space invaders, not "ctcw." Sometimes u can't do something "nice" because it causes harm - a paradox familiar to teachers and parents. And others too. So you never intended to give the kid the games in the first place then so cut it with your shit story. You joined AtariAge to pimp the auction and thats it. Well you have pimped your $65 dollar game that your trying to sell for $225. Good for you. Now fuck off and don't come back. +1
  2. I'm not moved, not one bit... nice sales pitch though. Oh yeah, don't let the door hit ya where the Lord slit ya...
  3. I saw this yesterday and I was like... yikes...
  4. 1969? Dang that made me feel young...
  5. Dude, I'm envious! What a great find!!
  6. Mamby Pamby... oh lord, you crack me up =))
  7. ohhhh internet fight, internet fight!!
  8. That's it? That's all you have? No snappy comeback? No bleeding assholes or rectums references? You let me down, dude.
  9. Can you contact Microsoft? The xBox might still under warranty? I know you shouldn't have to do that. Sucks you got burned.
  10. Add me to the list, just test the damn thing to see if it works or not! Don't get me wrong, I'd be pissed off too, but live and learn, what else can you do?
  11. http://dcemu.seanbajuice.com/ this is the website I used to learn how to do it.
  12. It takes a while, there's quite a bit of software involved in the process, but once you get the hand of it, its easy!
  13. Dang! I found a red PSP at the local pawshop today. I went to get the cash to get the better price, and by the time I ran to the ATM and back it was gone!!
  14. I can vouch for NesterDC and StellaDC, they work great in the Dreamcast!! (man I miss mine big time!)
  15. I got stuck with my PS/2 for 'modern' gaming... I tried the xbox 360 while I was waiting for my plane in the Dallas USO when I got back from Iraq, and I was like 'WTF is this?'
  16. Wow, how did I missed this? Get well soon, and take care of yourself, ok?!!
  17. Wow, dude, that's a lot of stuff. I don't know why are you selling, but I hope the situation improves for you PRONTO. If you have some 2600 systems (I'm thinking to start doing the A/V mods again), let me know, I might take them off your hands. Gus
  18. In the other hand, and totally OT, I love the simplicity of games like River Raid, Enduro, and Activision Tennis.
  19. I never understood Adventure, and Space Shuttle is really difficult too!!
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